Knotted Legacy by Brenda Murphy

Knotted Legacy by Brenda Murphy is a sensual BDSM romance about letting go of the past and moving on and learning the art of opening up and trusting the person you desire. It also emphasizes the harsh truth that life is fragile, therefore, you should live life on your own terms and not be held captive by another person’s expectations. Who would have thought that Martha McLeod, the top Mistress

Chosen by Brey Willows

Chosen by Brey Willows is a dystopian science fiction novel that is a perfect mix of action and romance. It invites the reader to ponder a “what if” scenario and see where their conscience leads them. The year is 2050 CE and climate change has progressed faster than any scientists had predicted. The Earth and many of its inhabitants are dying. Human extinction is no longer a matter of if,

Marriage of Unconvenience by Chelsea M. Cameron

Marriage of Unconvenience by Chelsea M. Cameron is quite possibly the cutest f/f romance I’ve ever read. Reading it is like eating an amazing cupcake because it’s super sweet and fills you up—but, you know, with feels and not cake. Lauren “Lo” Bowman has lost her job and now she’s in a panic. She was already living pretty lean, so she won’t be able to afford rent if she doesn’t

Back To The Start by Monica Mccallan

Back To The Start by Monica McCallan is a wonderful second chance romance that gave me oodles of warm, fuzzy, feels. It is about forgiveness and taking a good, hard look at how easy it is to let the events from your past dictate your actions in the present; actions that are not always kind. Remy has built a life for herself in San Francisco, far from the small town

Compass Rose by Anna Burke

Compass Rose by Anna Burke is a fast-paced pirate tale set in the dystopian future of 2513. It challenges the meaning of loyalty and takes to heart the saying, “To thine own self be true”. It was an absolutely riveting read. The book demanded my attention. As I read scene after scene it became clear that I was powerless to put it down. I still catch my thoughts meandering back

How Still My Love by Diane Marina

How Still My Love by Diane Marina is the type of dramatic romance that took me to the highest highs and the lowest lows. The book goes beyond the magic and sparkle of many romances to show us the possible realities of love over the long haul. Through wonderful character development this story touched me on many levels and I was a raw nerve while I was reading it. I

The Practitioner by Ronica Black: Audiobook Review

The Practitioner by Ronica Black is the angsty sort of romance that I can easily get lost in. I wanted to fill a tub and bathe in all the feelings. Hell, if I had one of those fancy, waterproof Kindles, I just might have. Johnnie Hamilton is a successful artist despite a very difficult past. She lost her business to her unscrupulous father, lived on the streets, and she still

Charming Memory by EL Bossert: Book Review

Charming Memory by EL Bossert is a wonderful, feel-good romance that is as comforting as a favorite throw blanket and a fresh batch of homemade brownies. This is the type of story that I crave every so often to block out all the nonsense going on in the world. Feel free to skip to the end of this review and purchase this book right now. Well-known actress, Jamie Jordan spends

The London of Us by Clare Lydon: Book Review

The London of Us by Clare Lydon is an adorable toaster oven, friends to lovers romcom and it’s the fourth book in her London Calling series. Like the rest of the series, it can be read as a standalone novel, and fans will be happy to catch up with their favourite previous leading ladies. Alice Di Santo’s life is perfect on paper. Her boyfriend, Jake, is thoughtful, kind, and ridiculously

A Heart To Call Home by Jeannie Levig

A Heart to Call Home by Jeannie Levig is a beautiful, angsty, smalltown romance. Jessica Weldon has been carrying pain for 30 years, and she never lets anyone close as a result. After some soul searching and therapy, she knows the only way to let go and build the life she wants and deserves is to return to Clearwater Springs and confront everything she ran away from after high school.