A Girl Called London by Clare Lydon: Audiobook Review

A Girl Called London by Clare Lydon is the latest in the London franchise, following on from London Calling and This London Love. In this book Sophie London keeps running into (quite literally) a beautiful but rude woman who turns out to be her new upstairs neighbour, Tanya Grant. With a new job, and a messy family life that she is trying to navigate, Tanya is preoccupied and not herself

It Had To Be You by Clare Lydon

It Had To Be You by Clare Lydon is a novella that Lydon is giving away for free when you subscribe to her newsletter. Normally, I don’t promote free books because they tend to be such poor quality, but this one…this one is epic. Georgia and Milly are in a relationship and Milly wants Georgia to come home with her for Christmas. Georgia worries that their significant age gap will

poppy jenkins by clare ashton

Poppy Jenkins by Clare Ashton is an absolute must read. It is beautifully written, well constructed and has a lovely romance. Poppy Jenkins is beloved by everyone who lives in Wells, a village in Wales. She is the girl next door and friend to all. Despite  being close to her loving family, gorgeous little sister, good friends and sense of community,  she is the only lesbian in town and she

Nothing To Lose by Clare Lydon

Nothing to Lose by Clare Lydon starts off quiet dramatically with a knock on Scarlet William’s front door in the dead of night. At the door is a police officer who tells her she had 30 minutes to pack up her life before her home and the town are flooded. Across town Joy Hudson, the Mayor, is taking in flood refugees into her high-lying home. Determined to get away from the

The Scent of Jasmine by Lila Bruce

I really loved The Scent of Jasmine by Lila Bruce. I was so sad when it turned out to be short. I wanted more and felt that it could have been expanded into a bigger story. I like to have time to get to know the characters and stay a little while in their world. This didn’t let me do that. Having said that, this was a proper story, not

all i want for christmas by clare lydon

All I Want For Christmas by Clare Lydon is a must-read Christmas novel. It will fill you with holiday cheer and make your heart sparkle with twinkly lights. It is the story of Tori who, exactly a month before Christmas, decides that all she wants for Christmas is someone to love. This ensues in a delightful romantic romp through bad dates, missed opportunities and long lost loves returning to her