Easy Nevada and the Pyramids Curse by Georgette Kaplan

Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse by Georgette Kaplan is an adrenaline-fueled action and adventure masterpiece that keeps your heart pumping from the beginning to the end.  It is the first book in the Cushing-Nevada Chronicles and hold on to your hat because it is chock full of excitement! Things aren’t going well for Easy Nevada.  The treasure hunter is buried up to her neck in the sand on an

Ardulum: First Don by JS Fields: Book Review 

Ardulum: First Don by JS Fields is not only a brilliant space opera bursting with intergalactic politics, epic space battles, and wonderfully realized planets and species, but it is also an incredible exploration of perspective as it applies to ethics and morality. The story takes place in the Chartered Systems, an alliance of several inhabited planets connected by wormholes. The Mercy’s Pledge is a ramshackle smuggler ship of Terran origin.

Demon In The Machine by Lise MacTague: Book Review 

Demon In The Machine by Lise MacTague is an exquisite steampunk and paranormal mashup permeated with action, mystery and romance! This book had my heart thundering in my chest on so many levels! It’s late Victorian London amidst the apex of the industrial revolution and the horseless carriage is the latest technological rage to hit the city. Briar, half human and half succubus, is plagued with intense feelings of dread surrounding

Lucky 7 by Rae D Magdon: Book Review

Lucky 7 by Rae D Magdon is an intensely hot gender-bending cyberpunk adventure. Right in the beginning we’re introduced to Elena Nevares who is a jacker. In this future world most people have implants that allow them to connect to virtual reality, but while the average citizens are novices in the alternate reality, jackers are the professionals. They hack code from the inside and are vital to any ops team.

Raven Fire and Ice by Nita Round

Raven, Fire and Ice by Nita Round is the first book in the A Touch of Truth series, and it has me eagerly awaiting the release of book two. The story is amazing, and I want more! The story opens with Lucinda Ravensburgh doing a reading on an object. Lucinda has many talents, but chief among them is the ability to get impressions and sometimes full scenes from an item.

Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague

Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague is a brilliant urban fantasy romance. Malice is a specially engineered hunter with one job – keep the nightmare creatures from causing too much havoc. You see, werewolves, vampires, demons and other monsters, known as supranormals, are real. For the most part they go about their business and humans are never aware of their existence. But sometimes they go rogue or decide to make

Reintegration by Eden S French

Reintegration by Eden S French is the kind of book lesfic sci-fi needs more of. The richly-drawn characters run the gamut of the LGBT spectrum and nobody is left out. Lexi Vale, a cyborg with a smart mouth and attitude for miles is about to become the most sought-after person in Foundation, the slums surrounding a Codist enclave. She is the only recipient to have survived having a computer chip

Vortex of Crimson by Lise MacTague

Vortex of Crimson by Lise MacTague is the third book in the trilogy On Deception’s Edge. It is not readable without reading Depths of Blue then Heights of Green first. This book had me clenching my butt cheeks in anticipation while Torrin and Jak worked their way through Haefen to find where Nat has been taken to after being kidnapped. Nat Ivanov has been kidnapped by the notorious Orthodoxan sniper Crimson.

Requiem for Immortals by Lee Winter

Requiem For Immortals by Lee Winter is guaranteed to get under your skin and stay there because it is just so good. The story is about Natalya and Alison. Natalya is a highly regarded cellist. Staying on top of her game requires rigorous discipline and training. But so does being the assassin Requiem which is the other part of her life. One day she is sent a contract to kill

The Tea Machine By Gill McKnight: Book Review

The Tea Machine by Gill McKnight is a tale about time travel. Its theme centers on the butterfly effect and alternate realities. In 1862 London, Millicent’s brother, Hubert, has invented a machine that makes time travel possible. When Millicent accidentally triggers the time machine, she finds herself smack dab in the middle of a space squid battle in an alternate future, in the year of 1957. She runs into Sangfroid,