The Witch’s Daughter by Rae D Magdon

The Witch’s Daughter by Rae D Magdon is the third book in the Amendyr Series.  It’s a retelling of the childhood classic Rapunzel with quite a few twists. This novel can be read as a standalone, however, it does have characters from the previous novel, Wolf’s Eyes. For those of you who did read the previous novel, you’ll remember a particular character who turned Cate and Larna’s world upside down.

Wolf's Eyes by Rae D Magdon

Wolf’s Eyes by Rae D Magdon is the sequel to The Second Sister and the second book in the Amendyr series. It’s a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood but with an exciting and unique spin. Wolf’s Eyes can be read as a standalone novel, but I would suggest reading The Second Sister first because there are several references to the first book and the wonderful characters Wolf’s Eyes tells

Tricky Chances by Camryn Eyde

Tricky Chances by Camryn Eyde is pure genius. Eyde should absolutely win some kind of awesomeness award for this book. But before I fangirl so hard that I pass out, let me start at the beginning. This is book 2 in the Tricky series and follows on from Tricky Wisdom. In this book Darcy and Olivia are a couple in their final years of Harvard Medical School. The pressure is

Scissor link by georgette kaplan

Scissor Link by Georgette Kaplan was the exception to the rule for me. I generally steer clear of romance because I get tired of the plots near the end but Scissor Link kept me engaged the entire time. Wendy Cedar has been interning at Savin Aerospace when a higher up, Janet Lace, discovers her. Janet decides to extend an employment opportunity  at Savin to Wendy, which she accepts. A possible

Requiem for Immortals by Lee Winter

Requiem For Immortals by Lee Winter is guaranteed to get under your skin and stay there because it is just so good. The story is about Natalya and Alison. Natalya is a highly regarded cellist. Staying on top of her game requires rigorous discipline and training. But so does being the assassin Requiem which is the other part of her life. One day she is sent a contract to kill

Behind The Green Curtain by Riley LaShea reviewed on

Behind The Green Curtain by Riley LaShea that is so good it should be required reading for anyone who likes dark, erotic romance fiction. Caton is beyond overqualified for her data job at Halston & Company, but it’s avoiding CEO and office lecher Jack Halston that becomes her mission. Suspicious of his offer to work as a personal assistant to his wife in their home, she takes it anyway when

Sharpshooter by Leslie Murray

Sharpshooter by Leslie Murray is one of those rare books that combine a beautiful love story with a great action novel. This book is one of my top reads for this year. It somewhat spoilt me for the next few books I attempted to read because it stayed with me and none of the books I tried were as good as this one, so I couldn’t get further than a

The Housemistress by Keira Michelle Telford

The Housemistress by Keira Michelle Telford is a student/teacher romance. Sixth form student, Rylie Harcourt, who is sent to a girls only boarding school where she meets Housemistress Vivienne Carriveau. The story develops from there with a lot of sexual tension building between the two women. This book has graphic sex scenes and the story is designed to get you all hot and bothered, so be aware of that before you buy