Chosen by Brey Willows

Chosen by Brey Willows is a dystopian science fiction novel that is a perfect mix of action and romance. It invites the reader to ponder a “what if” scenario and see where their conscience leads them. The year is 2050 CE and climate change has progressed faster than any scientists had predicted. The Earth and many of its inhabitants are dying. Human extinction is no longer a matter of if,

Truth or Dare by C Spencer

Truth or Dare by C. Spencer is my kind of book! It has an ensemble cast of characters, drama, sweetness, humor, depth, romamtic fantasy, and realism. What more could I ask for from one book? It’s a work of general lesbian fiction with a strong leaning toward romance. It follows three couples at various stages of romantic relationships through a weekend blizzard, each of the six main characters snowed-in with

Darkness Falls by KC Luck

Darkness Falls by KC Luck is an apocalyptic romance novel about embracing the moment, grasping happiness and finding hope in a turbulent and uncertain landscape.  The story focuses on the lives and relationships of four women before, during and after a global disaster that leaves the entire planet without power.  Lexi Scott and Anna Patten had a passionate love affair in high school. Happiness was not to be however, as succumbing

Reverie by Eliza Andrews

Reverie by Eliza Andrews is like a deep, dank fog that gets into your brain and your pores and won’t let you out of its clutches even when you finish the last page. Welcome to Reverie, a small town in South Carolina with only a few hundred residents, one salon, one auto shop, and one new arrival. Lucinda Hamilton is fleeing from a terrible past. During the day she does

Crossed by Meredith Doench

Crossed by Meredith Doench is a book that my fellow reviewer, Erin, has been fangirling about. I was therefore really keen to read it because we have similar tastes with a lot of books. It did not disappoint! This may have been Doench’s first book, but it is written so confidently with a multilayered story, that it is difficult to believe her a novice. Special Agent Luce Hansen is a

French Kissing Season One by Harper Bliss

French Kissing Season One by Harper Bliss is a serial lesbian erotic story that is like a soap opera. It takes place in Paris with the PR agency Barbier & Cyr at the centre of all of the action. Juliette and Claire are former lovers turned best friends who built Barbier & Cyr together at a cost to their personal lives. Juliette’s decade-long relationship with her partner, Nadia, is on

The Art Of Peeling An Orange by Victoria Avilan

The Art of Peeling an Orange by Victoria Avilan pushes the boundaries of our definition of lesfic. This is what I would consider literary fiction, a retelling of the tragic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Our heroine, Carly Rosen, has lost the love of her life, first to another woman, and then to death. She starts out on a journey of redemption and reclamation, trying to wrest what remains of

finding the grain by wynn malone

Finding the Grain by Wynn Malone is a gem of a book. While it features a romantic relationship that takes up a huge part of the main character’s life and mind, it’s actually more like an episodic coming of age story. Augusta “Blue” Riley is about to start college, having recently lost her parents in a tornado. Her aunt Julie talks her into going to the University of North Carolina

The Night Off by Meghan O'Brien: Book Review

The Night Off by Meghan O’Brien is an erotic romance that is not for the faint of heart. But if you can handle BDSM that includes hard spanking, humiliation, and anal play, then you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful, emotional romance. Emily Parker’s life is regimented around working and raising her younger sister, and after four years of celibacy, she’s decided it’s time to do something for herself. After paying

Roller Coaster by Karin Kallmaker: Book Review

Roller Coaster by Karin Kallmaker is a lesbian romance that stands out from the pack. It doesn’t follow the typical formula of girl meets girl, attraction ensues, kissing, conflict, then happily ever after. And yet, by the end, I had that complete happy sigh that comes after reading an excellent romance. Laura Izmani is moving back to New York City after spending a year with family in California kicking a