The Goodmans by Clare Ashton: Book Review

The Goodmans by Clare Ashton is a book with a lot going on. You have romance, a mother-daughter relationship, the ending of a marriage, politics and small town issues. For the sake of my sanity, I am not going to go into each one other than to say they wove together well and make for an interesting read. And the politics escaped me to some degree. Now, let’s get to

The London of Us by Clare Lydon: Book Review

The London of Us by Clare Lydon is an adorable toaster oven, friends to lovers romcom and it’s the fourth book in her London Calling series. Like the rest of the series, it can be read as a standalone novel, and fans will be happy to catch up with their favourite previous leading ladies. Alice Di Santo’s life is perfect on paper. Her boyfriend, Jake, is thoughtful, kind, and ridiculously

Riding the Track by Kara Ripley: Book Review

Riding the Track by Kara Ripley is a sweet and sexy novella about taking chances, stepping outside your comfort zone, and trying new things. Clara and her recent ex-boyfriend had planned a trip together that was not exactly what Clara would normally be into. But when he cheats, and she leaves, she decides to go on the trip to spite him, forgetting that she really had no interest in going

The Scholarship by Jaime Maddox

The Scholarship by Jaime Maddox is a romantic suspense featuring a historical murder, a woman with Down syndrome, and a budding romance between two women over 40. Ella Townes is desperately seeking a quieter life, and knows exactly where she wants to be. So when an opportunity comes to move to the mountains she spent her childhood in, Ella leaps in with both feet. The move is bittersweet though, as

Dust by Ann McMan

Dust by Ann McMan is a political thriller featuring an investigator, a junior Senator being vetted for higher office, and the Senator’s wife. Evan Reed is a political dustbuster—an investigator that looks for the dust hiding in the deepest, darkest corners of the backgrounds of political aspirants. Evan’s 14 year old daughter, Stevie, has just shipped out to prep school, leaving Evan alone and at a loose end. That is,

Heart Stopper by RJ Samuel

Heart Stopper by RJ Samuel is a medical thriller set in Ireland and featuring a woman of colour. Dr Priya Joseph is a medical researcher and coder working in Galway for a Pacemaker Clinic. Priya’s life has been out of control the last few years, and it only gets worse when she wakes up after a night out in her bosses apartment, where he lies dead on the floor. Daniel

Under Parr by Andrea Bramhall

Under Parr by Andrea Bramhall is the second of Bramhall’s Norfolk Investigations series featuring Detective Kate Brannon. When a skeleton is found in an old WWII bunker, Detective Kate Brannon is determined to get to the bottom of just who has lain there since the storm in December 2013 flooded the area and closed the bunker off. And why? Why is there a body there? Is it a dump site?

Indiscretions by Barbara Winkes

Indiscretions by Barbara Winkes is the first in the Carpenter/Harding police procedural series. Ellie Harding is a police officer with her heart set on becoming a detective. When she is brutally attacked on her way home from after work drinks one night, her life changes and suddenly Ellie decides to take from life as much as she can. Jordan Carpenter is a Detective engrossed in a serial killer case, with

In The Company Of Crocodiles by Maggie Brown

In The Company Of Crocodiles by Maggie Brown is a romantic thriller set in the Australian tropics Vivian Andrews has spent the last few years of her life building a new life.  In the far North Queensland Tropics of Australia, Vivian has been recovering from a serious injury that ended her life as she knew it.  And when she comes across an unidentified body in the mangroves, Vivian unwittingly enters

21 Weeks by RA LaShea

21 Weeks by RA LaShea is a thrillogy – one long story broken into 3 separate novels. So this review is possibly the longest you will ever read (It’s worth it though, I promise!) 21 Weeks is a series that was originally released one week at a time by the author. It follows Detective Beck Nash, a newly promoted, and not particularly popular, homicide detective as she tackles the biggest