This story revolves around a battle of minds and wills. They are often darker and focus on emotional trauma.

The Locket by Gerri Hill: Audiobook Review

The Locket by Gerri Hill is a fantastic thriller with just enough romance to keep the lesbian audience happy. Harper is so invested in her job that she wouldn’t know a celebrity if she was run over by one. So, when she is roped into being the babysitter for a Hollywood starlet she is unhappy. Her partner raves about the beautiful woman she gets to spend time with, yet all

The Amnesia Project by Barbara Winkes

The Amnesia Project is a suspenseful romance with a dystopian twist about a missing teenager, a young woman who can’t let go, and the twisted paths that lead them towards the truth, and each other. Dani and her two best friends, Alice and Joy, are all set for their last big adventure together before they head off into the real world. That is, until Alice’s parents decide they should take

Fragmented by Eliza Lentzski

Fragmented by Eliza Lentzski is a psychological thriller that shows no matter how much we want to bolt the door on our past, something always comes out to threaten the life and love we have built in spite of it. All Harper Dawkins wants is to be normal. Blend in to the crowd. And she has gone to great lengths to make this possible. She moved out of state to

Omnipotence Enough by Sophia Kell Hagin

Omnipotence Enough by Sophia Kell Hagin is the final book in the three book Jamie Gwynmorgan series. This is a dystopian thriller, and while there is love, there is very little romance. I left Book 2 wondering where Hagin was going to take Jamie in Book 3, I thought I’d be going ‘Oh God! No!’ and I was not wrong. We start the story with Jamie in captivity, once again.

Crossed by Meredith Doench

Crossed by Meredith Doench is a book that my fellow reviewer, Erin, has been fangirling about. I was therefore really keen to read it because we have similar tastes with a lot of books. It did not disappoint! This may have been Doench’s first book, but it is written so confidently with a multilayered story, that it is difficult to believe her a novice. Special Agent Luce Hansen is a

Runaway by Anne Laughlin

Runaway by Anne Laughlin is a mystery/thriller with a romance, set around the contrast between the different upbringings of two sixteen-year-old girls, twenty years apart. Jan Roberts ran for her life twenty years ago and escaped from an Idaho Militia compound. In the present, Maddy Harrington appears to be running from a life of affluence, towards the very thing Jan escaped from. Jan arrived in Chicago, an innocent, having spent

Shadows of Something Real by Sophia Kell Hagin

Shadows of Something Real by Sophia Kell Hagin is Book 2 in the Jamie Gwynmorgan series. Just as in Book 1, it is a dystopian story set in the very near future and is following Jamie on her personal journey. (Side note: It may seem hard to believe that Jamie is still not twenty-one with all that has happened in her life.) The story starts with Lt. Jamie Gwynmorgan now

Four Point by Max Ellendale

Four Point by Max Ellendale is the first book in the Four Point Trilogy about Detective Salinger “Sali” James and her hunt for Washington’s most elusive serial killer, Four Point. Sali James has spent the last few years of her life not really living. After being attacked, tortured and left to live with her scars by an elusive and prolific serial killer named Four Point, Sali is merely existing locked

Binding Devotion by Kiki Archer

Binding Devotion by Kiki Archer is a completely unexpected novel. I have, up until now, only read her pure romances. This one, however has a psychological thriller element to it that makes it a killer read (pun totally intended, although no one actually gets killed.) The blurb would have you believe it is a story of cheating. This will immediately put a lot of people off. In a way it

For A Moment's Indiscretion by KA Moll

For A Moment’s Indiscretion by KA Moll is a dramatic thriller. It is, quite frankly, KA Moll’s best work. It was an exciting, well paced and captivating audiobook. 10 years after the book Soul Mates – Zane and Jaina are not quite as happily married as they used to be. When Jaina makes a really big mistake it leads to a dangerous situation. Moll throws everything and the kitchen sink