The main theme of this thriller is around the law and usually a courtroom.

Conflict Of Interest by Jae: Book Review

Conflict Of Interest by Jae takes a very significant approach to the traditional cops and docs trope. In this story, Jae gives us a view into the world of sex crimes. We see two women who are on the road to romance, then have to alter course when one becomes the victim of the crime she always prevails against. Detective Aiden Carlisle is workaholic. She has no time for love

Body Guard by Claire McNab

Body Guard by Claire McNab is the sixth book in the Detective Inspector Carol Ashton Mystery Series. After physically recuperating from a gunshot wound, Detective Inspector Carol Ashton is emotionally vulnerable. She is still navigating the waters of being an out-of-the-closet lesbian and being a well-known detective has its drawbacks.  Her popularity leaves her wide open to public scrutiny. She knows all too well that putting another person’s safety before

The Sealed Letter by Emma Donoghue: Book Review

The Sealed Letter by Emma Donoghue is a fictionalized biography of 19th century publisher and feminist Emily Faithful (nicknamed “Fido”) and the part she played in the scandalous divorce trial of her close friend Helen Codrington. Fido is torn between the blind, yearning devotion she has for her friend and Helen’s betrayal in using her as a smokescreen for an adulterous affair–as well as a deeper, even more hurtful betrayal

Reasonable Doubt by Carsen Taite

Reasonable Doubt by Carsen Taite is a fantastic audiobook that had me looking for excuses to put in my headphones. I can’t believed I haven’t reviewed anything by Carsen’s here before, because she’s so good that everyone should check her books out! She writes romantic suspense like Nora Roberts, but with 100% more lesbians. What’s not to love about that? Sarah Flores is a behavioural analyst with the FBI. After

Dark Valentine by Jennifer Fulton: Book Review

Dark Valentine by Jennifer Fulton is an awesome thriller. It is the story of Rhianna and Jules. Rhianna generally avoids one night stands but when she meets the sexy, charming woman named Jules at a bar she says yes and the two of them have a night filled with passion. Rhianna is the key witness in a case against a man who stalked and kidnapped her and she is unhappy