Thrillers set before 1960s in a specific time period that is accurately represented.

Quicunque Vult by Keira Michelle Telford: Book Review

Quicunque Vult by Keira Michelle Telford is very loosely based on the life of Mary Jane, the whore who was torn apart by Jack The Ripper. The book starts with Mary Jane meeting Eva, a beautiful 16 year old. Quickly the two become friends and lovers with Mary Jane showing Eva the pleasures of Sapphic Love. The events around Jack The Ripper are a background to the love story between

The Ghost And The Machine by Benny Lawrence

The Ghost and the Machine by Benny Lawrence is the second book by Benny Lawrence that I have read. After Shell Game I expected a similar story in terms of pacing, romance and quirky characters however this book is its own creature and nothing like Shell Game. The story is set in 1838 when Europe is obsessed with mechanical contraptions. A chess playing machine names the Rajah moves around Europe playing chess