A retelling of a fairytale, greek mythology or historical legends all fall into this category.

Spirits Smirits by KB Draper

Spirits Smirits by K.B. Draper is about AJ Mattox, an ex-cop and current demon hunter. She travels the country with her best friend Danny Whitefang, and her new girlfriend, Ranger Ashlyn Parker (former park ranger, truth be told). The best friend—she’s had since the age of seventeen when she accidentally received Danny’s destined hunter spirit into her own body, thus becoming a total demon-hunting baddass. The girlfriend—she picked up a

The Sagittarius by K Aten

The Sagittarius by K. Aten is the third book in The Arrow of Artemis Series. Love and loss have been the recurring themes so far in Kyri’s tender years. She never expected to lose her parents at a young age, become an Amazon, fall deeply in love with Queen Orianna and never in her wildest dreams did she ever expect to become a slave in the Roman Empire. No experience

Seeing Red by Cara Malone: Book Review

Seeing Red by Cara Malone is a delightful, contemporary retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Set in Grimm Falls, we meet Hunter a young woman who is desperately trying to look after her sister, Piper, and nephews. But money is tight and she has to juggle a job as a nurses aid, babysitting and paying the bills. The sisters work hard to earn enough to keep a roof over their

Take Your Medicine by Hannah Carmack

Take Your Medicine by Hannah Carmack was a fun re-imagining novella of Alice in Wonderland with quirky characters. I have been in a reading rut and Take Your Medicine pulled me out of that rut and into the book. Alice lived a good 17 years before her fainting spells got so bad she wasn’t allowed to leave her mother’s property any more. She is a senior in high school and

The Year of the Knife by GD Penman

The Year Of The Knife by GD Penman was a really intriguing book from the start. I was worried it would be too strange, too confusing with its alternate names and history, with the prevalence of seemingly science-based magic. However, The Year of the Knife proved to be just the opposite. Set in an alternate timeline of our world, New York City is called New Amsterdam and the colonies never

The Fletcher by K Aten

The Fletcher by K. Aten is a story about family life, new beginnings and finding your purpose in life. Kyri has always been happy with continuing her family’s legacy of arrow making. She enjoys a peaceful life on her father’s secluded homestead. Kyri has already endured the death of her mother and she once thought that losing her mother would have been the hardest thing she had to endure in

The Fiend Queen by Barbara Ann Wright

The Fiend Queen by Barbara Ann Wright as well as the rest of the series (A Pyradisté Adventure) and its characters are now ingrained in my soul. I’m so sad that this is the last book in the series and I’m not ready to let it all go. I’ll probably never forget about this story, it has definitely taken a piece of my soul with it to the “to be

Beneath the Waves by Ali Vali

Beneath The Waves by Ali Vali is a book about love: love for family, the environment, finding the true, abiding love of a soul-mate and learning the art of loving and honoring yourself no matter what. Happiness is also emphasized in this book. The author stresses heavily on the fact that happiness comes from doing what makes your soul sing rather than building a life based solely on monetary benefits.

A Fish Out Of Water by Karin Kallmaker: Book Review

A Fish Out Of Water by Karin Kallmaker is a novella retelling The Little Mermaid, with a lesbian twist. This time Ariel is the party girl of the ocean. As the 77th daughter of the Mer Queen she is not important enough to do anything serious with her life and so she is a socialite who uses her magic to hold parties and please her friends. Life is rather boring

The Witch’s Daughter by Rae D Magdon

The Witch’s Daughter by Rae D Magdon is the third book in the Amendyr Series.  It’s a retelling of the childhood classic Rapunzel with quite a few twists. This novel can be read as a standalone, however, it does have characters from the previous novel, Wolf’s Eyes. For those of you who did read the previous novel, you’ll remember a particular character who turned Cate and Larna’s world upside down.