Science fiction that generally has a historical setting and features machines that are powered by steam.

This is generally futuristic or parallel universe type stories – the technology is what makes it steampunk – steam trains, hot air balloons and zeppelins, pocket watches, old fashioned clothing, loads of corsets, top hats and canes. Generally UK based but not only.

Trafalgar and Boone and the Books of Breathing by Geonn Cannon

Trafalgar and Boone and the Books of Breathing by Geonn Cannon is the third book in the Trafalgar and Boone adventure series. Dorothy Boone and Trafalgar of Abyssinia are enemies turned allies that travel the world searching for lost artifacts and thwarting evil where they can.    They are also founders of the newly created Mnemosyne Society, which is a collaborative group of fellow adventurers that have come to agree

Demon In The Machine by Lise MacTague: Book Review 

Demon In The Machine by Lise MacTague is an exquisite steampunk and paranormal mashup permeated with action, mystery and romance! This book had my heart thundering in my chest on so many levels! It’s late Victorian London amidst the apex of the industrial revolution and the horseless carriage is the latest technological rage to hit the city. Briar, half human and half succubus, is plagued with intense feelings of dread surrounding

Raven Fire and Ice by Nita Round

Raven, Fire and Ice by Nita Round is the first book in the A Touch of Truth series, and it has me eagerly awaiting the release of book two. The story is amazing, and I want more! The story opens with Lucinda Ravensburgh doing a reading on an object. Lucinda has many talents, but chief among them is the ability to get impressions and sometimes full scenes from an item.

Murder On The Titania And Other Steam-Powered Adventures by Alex Acks: Book Review

Murder On The Titania And Other Steam-Powered Adventures by Alex Acks follows the adventures of Captain Marta Ramos and her outlaw crew through a steam-punk American West in a series of linked short stories. In addition to elements like luxury dirigibles and railway-accessible mountain hideouts, the reader is immediately signaled that history has taken a sharp turn when we’re introduced to that Regency staple, the Duke of Denver…except he’s duke

Romancing the Inventor by Gail Carriger

Romancing The Inventor by Gail Carriger is a story I’ve yearned to see for a long time, and I’m glad Carriger delivered! I’m a big fan of Carriger’s other works, having devoured the books in her Parasol Protectorate series at an alarming rate. Those books are about as perfect as they come, except for one tiny little flaw, in that my favorite secondary character never got any action. That’s right,

The Beast At The Door by Althea Blue

The Beast At The Door by Althea Blue is a very sweet romance with a steampunk twist. Patience, the main character, is not like her sister. She isn’t sweet and biddable, interested only in who she will marry. No, Patience has much more in common with her brother Mason. She is interested in learning and seeing the world, not in marrying the horrible man her parents have chosen for her.

The Tea Machine By Gill McKnight: Book Review

The Tea Machine by Gill McKnight is a tale about time travel. Its theme centers on the butterfly effect and alternate realities. In 1862 London, Millicent’s brother, Hubert, has invented a machine that makes time travel possible. When Millicent accidentally triggers the time machine, she finds herself smack dab in the middle of a space squid battle in an alternate future, in the year of 1957. She runs into Sangfroid,

The Procuress by Keira Michelle Telford

The Procuress by Keira Michelle Teford is s the second book in the Prisonworld Trilogy. The first book is The Magistrate and it focuses on Carmen Wild as the lead character. Lina plays a significant role in the story but Carmen is the main focus. The Procuress switches that around and now concentrates on Lina as the main character. The story follows on from where the first book ended and it

The Magistrate by Keira Michelle Telford

The Magistrate by Keira Michelle Telford is a great book. I loved the first two books of the Prisonworld Trilogy and am eagerly awaiting the third. The Magistrate is the first book from the trilogy. This book follows the story of Carmen Wild. It is the twenty-fourth century in London, England. Crime rates are high, capital punishment and public hangings are common practice. Technology is both advanced and completely reverted