They broke up a long time ago and meet up again only to realise that the chemistry has never gone away.

This Time by SW Andersen

This Time by S.W. Andersen is a paranormal romance that will saturate your soul with the deepest longing and just when you feel you will surely break from yearning, it will fill your heart with the profoundest and purest love. Infused with aspects of Native mysticism surrounding souls and dreamscapes, this book is an emotional exploration of the perpetuity of love that neither the constructs of time nor space can

Back To The Start by Monica Mccallan

Back To The Start by Monica McCallan is a wonderful second chance romance that gave me oodles of warm, fuzzy, feels. It is about forgiveness and taking a good, hard look at how easy it is to let the events from your past dictate your actions in the present; actions that are not always kind. Remy has built a life for herself in San Francisco, far from the small town

Darkness Falls by KC Luck

Darkness Falls by KC Luck is an apocalyptic romance novel about embracing the moment, grasping happiness and finding hope in a turbulent and uncertain landscape.  The story focuses on the lives and relationships of four women before, during and after a global disaster that leaves the entire planet without power.  Lexi Scott and Anna Patten had a passionate love affair in high school. Happiness was not to be however, as succumbing

Twice In A Lifetime by Clare Lydon

Twice in a Lifetime by Clare Lydon is an excellent second chance romance that’s even better in audio. Sally McCall is not looking forward to seeing the aunt who traumatized her when she was five years old, so the last thing she needs is to have her bag taken by someone else at the airport. Now she’s stuck in Chicago for four days with no clothes and not really able

Ariana by Emma Nichols

Ariana by Emma Nichols is a second chance romance story that underscores the importance of letting your heart guide your decisions instead of financial gains and reconnecting with your soulmate. Ariana Carter-Cruz is tired—emotionally, physically and financially. After her long and drawn out divorce, she is just happy that she can finally move on with her life and get as far away as possible from her domineering mother and her

No Greater Love than Mine by Harper Bliss

No Greater Love than Mine by Harper Bliss is a second chance romance novella that packs a big punch. After a gunshot wound to the shoulder, Detective Angela Hill can’t return to active duty until she goes through a handful of therapy sessions. Angela’s lack of interest in therapy isn’t helped by her disdain for the guy she’ll have to meet with, thanks in no small part to his bad

Falling Into Place by Sheryn Munir

Falling into Place by Sheryn Munir is a tantalizing and slow burning, friends to lovers romance set in the bustling city of Delhi, India.  Sameen is a successful commissioning editor for a publishing house.  After spending an agonizingly long day dealing with a particularly demanding client, she finds herself running late for her boyfriend’s 30th birthday party.  Anxious to get home, she steps outside into a raging monsoon.  Her frustration mounts

How Still My Love by Diane Marina

How Still My Love by Diane Marina is the type of dramatic romance that took me to the highest highs and the lowest lows. The book goes beyond the magic and sparkle of many romances to show us the possible realities of love over the long haul. Through wonderful character development this story touched me on many levels and I was a raw nerve while I was reading it. I

Love Bites by Lila Bruce

Love Bites by Lila Bruce is a sweet, second chance, romance novel that hits all the familiar notes I expect in a romance. Love Bites is NOT a paranormal vampire romance. Now that we have that sorted out, let’s get to the review. Twelve years is a long time to nurse a broken heart, but when Ashley Baldwin parted ways with her college girlfriend, Peyton Maxwell, it was explosive. There

Unbridled by Fox Brison: Book Review

Unbridled by Fox Brison is a humourous romance about silver linings and how eventually, even the worst situations in life can lead to something wonderful. A last-minute conference cancellation is the perfect opportunity for veterinarian Haley Jones to come home earlier than planned.  The perfect opportunity to surprise her girlfriend of five years with a homemade birthday breakfast and a proposal.  Unfortunately, Haley is the one surprised when she arrives