Finding love while on holiday (vacation). Maybe on a cruise, at a ski resort or in a mountain cabin.

The Curvy Side Of Life by Suzie Carr

The Curvy Side Of Life by Suzie Carr is a sweet story that focuses on the curves that show up on the road of life. When we’re confronted with these curves, it’s best to turn into them to maximize the best possible outcome. With her divorce safely in the rearview mirror, Faith Miller is ready to move on. However, a few unavoidable obstacles have popped up to keep her from

Gold by EJ Noyes

Gold by EJ Noyes gives us an insight on how the road to recovery is not only about rediscovering who you are but what you desire. Pro alpine skier Aspen Archer was on top of the world. That is, until a career-ending crash at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics threw her off the mountain, literally and figuratively. Since then, Aspen has done her best to pick up her broken body and

One by Brenda Murphy: Book Review

One by Brenda Murphy is a supercharged erotic romance set against the glamorous sport of Formula One racing in Northern Italy. This story is sizzling and these two beautiful women tear up the track. DO NOT take it to work to read on your lunch break because you may overheat and never make it back to your desk. Regan (Mac) MacDonald is a retired army veteran. Since leaving the military,

Riding the Track by Kara Ripley: Book Review

Riding the Track by Kara Ripley is a sweet and sexy novella about taking chances, stepping outside your comfort zone, and trying new things. Clara and her recent ex-boyfriend had planned a trip together that was not exactly what Clara would normally be into. But when he cheats, and she leaves, she decides to go on the trip to spite him, forgetting that she really had no interest in going

To Boldly Go by Em Stevens: Book Review

To Boldly Go by Em Stevens is a charming romance set against the beautiful Mediterranean coastline of Italy. When two women find themselves thrust together by chance, it tests the theory that opposites attract. Holly is a free spirit. She is making her way through Europe with a backpack and a refreshing sense of adventure. She sees each day as an opportunity to discover something magical and cleanse herself of

Under Your Skin by Lee Winter

Under Your Skin by Lee Winter is the second book in her romantic suspense series, On the Record. You could read this without reading The Red Files, but I don’t know why anyone would want to when The Red Files is such a brilliant book.  Catherine Ayers and Lauren King love living in DC and are loving their lives together even more. Ayers is back at the top of the

Saving Grace by Jennifer Fulton

Saving Grace by Jennifer Fulton is the second book in her Moon Island series. It can be read as a standalone, since it follows a new couple and shares enough of the events of the first book that you won’t be confused. Grace Ramsay is on Moon Island for one reason—to evaluate whether it would be a good purchase for a company that’s looking for a place to dump chemical

Once Upon a Princess by Harper Bliss and Clare Lydon: Book Review

Once Upon a Princess by Harper Bliss and Clare Lydon is the ultimate rich girl/poor girl romance. Olivia Charlton is a princess and fourth in line to the throne. She’s always dreamed she’d marry for love, but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards for her. Her mother, the Queen of England, has ordered Olivia to marry someone suitable, leaving her unhappily announcing an engagement to the world with

The Midnight Moon by Gerri Hill

The Midnight Moon by Gerri Hill is adorable. It’s a wonderful romance that I devoured in a day.  Payton Watts is successful in her career but unsuccessful in love. She is broken hearted since her breakup (a while before) and determined not to get over it. Being forced to go on vacation to a lesbian resort might just change her life. Logan Weaver runs a painting company. On one of

Secrets by Barbara Winkes

Secrets by Barbara Winkes is a shorter length mystery with a touch of age gap romance. Marsha Taylor is a woman looking for some space to deal with the way her life has gone badly wrong. Jessie just seems like trouble from the moment she falls into Marsha’s life. Marsha knows Jessie is running from something or someone, but her conscience (and attraction to Jessie) nags at her enough that