The main theme of the romance is how they go from an antagonistic relationship to falling in love.

Love After Hours by Radclyffe

Love After Hours by Radclyffe is about Carrie Longmire and Gina Antonelli. It takes place in the Rivers community hospital and is part of the Rivers series of books. Carrie excels at being the hospital CEO’s admin and she is the star pitcher for the Rivers softball team. She prides herself on being punctual and efficient which is why she is so taken aback when Gina Antonelli appears in her

Compass Rose by Anna Burke

Compass Rose by Anna Burke is a fast-paced pirate tale set in the dystopian future of 2513. It challenges the meaning of loyalty and takes to heart the saying, “To thine own self be true”. It was an absolutely riveting read. The book demanded my attention. As I read scene after scene it became clear that I was powerless to put it down. I still catch my thoughts meandering back

Sparks Like Ours by Melissa Brayden: Audiobook Review

Sparks Like Ours by Melissa Brayden is an enemies to lovers romance set in the pro surfing world. It’s the third book in the Seven Shores series, and while you can absolutely pick this up without reading the other two books, I think you’d be doing yourself a disservice because they’re all so good! Gia Malone has her sights set on becoming the top-ranked female surfer in the world, and

Code Of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue: Book Review

Code Of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue combines two of my favorite themes flawlessly: sports and workplace romance.  Cheyenne Blue takes us into the world of professional tennis and shows us the passion and the conflict that can develop between the players and the officials. Genevieve “Viva” Jones was a great tennis player in her prime. She even has a grand slam win to her name. Then an overzealous lineswoman, Gabriela

Demon In The Machine by Lise MacTague: Book Review 

Demon In The Machine by Lise MacTague is an exquisite steampunk and paranormal mashup permeated with action, mystery and romance! This book had my heart thundering in my chest on so many levels! It’s late Victorian London amidst the apex of the industrial revolution and the horseless carriage is the latest technological rage to hit the city. Briar, half human and half succubus, is plagued with intense feelings of dread surrounding

Lucky 7 by Rae D Magdon: Book Review

Lucky 7 by Rae D Magdon is an intensely hot gender-bending cyberpunk adventure. Right in the beginning we’re introduced to Elena Nevares who is a jacker. In this future world most people have implants that allow them to connect to virtual reality, but while the average citizens are novices in the alternate reality, jackers are the professionals. They hack code from the inside and are vital to any ops team.

A Heart To Call Home by Jeannie Levig

A Heart to Call Home by Jeannie Levig is a beautiful, angsty, smalltown romance. Jessica Weldon has been carrying pain for 30 years, and she never lets anyone close as a result. After some soul searching and therapy, she knows the only way to let go and build the life she wants and deserves is to return to Clearwater Springs and confront everything she ran away from after high school.

Picture Perfect by Lisa Moreau: Book Review

Picture Perfect by Lisa Moreau is a lovely contemporary, enemies-to-lovers romance. Olive Hayes has never left Catalina Island. That’s why she’s stuck doing a local photographer’s dirty work, even though she’s incredibly talented. When the Catalina photography contest is announced with the ultimate grand prize (becoming a travel photojournalist for Journeys magazine), Olive knows it’s time for her to grasp at a new future—one that will make her face the

Blend by Georgia Beers: Audiobook Review

Blend by Georgia Beers is an opposites attract, enemies to lovers romance that takes place around a wine bar. Lindsay Kent loves her job at Vineyard, helping connect patrons with their next favourite glass of wine. She’s even more thrilled when her boss, Ellen, announces that she’s going on an extended vacation and is leaving Lindsay in charge of Vineyard. The only catch? She has to run the bar with

Twist of Fate by Syd Parker: Book Review

Twist of Fate by Syd Parker is the story I would expect if the movie Twister was about two women. Parker gives us the excitement of chasing twisters across the plains of the Midwest and shows us that outrunning a tornado may be easier than outrunning your heart. Storm chaser, Remy Tate, knows all too well that Mother Nature can be a real beast when she wants to be. It’s