Literature which is light and fluffy, likely to appeal to young women.

Paper Love by Jae

Paper Love by Jae is a really sweet workplace romance with a thawing ice queen, origami, and even a sneaky cat. And you know what else is cool about it? Jae set it in her hometown of Freiburg, Germany! Susanne Wolff has recently quit her job as a business consultant, sick of working for a chauvinistic jerk. She’s not looking forward to telling her mother, however, and is afraid she’ll

Seeing Red by Cara Malone: Book Review

Seeing Red by Cara Malone is a delightful, contemporary retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Set in Grimm Falls, we meet Hunter a young woman who is desperately trying to look after her sister, Piper, and nephews. But money is tight and she has to juggle a job as a nurses aid, babysitting and paying the bills. The sisters work hard to earn enough to keep a roof over their

The London of Us by Clare Lydon: Book Review

The London of Us by Clare Lydon is an adorable toaster oven, friends to lovers romcom and it’s the fourth book in her London Calling series. Like the rest of the series, it can be read as a standalone novel, and fans will be happy to catch up with their favourite previous leading ladies. Alice Di Santo’s life is perfect on paper. Her boyfriend, Jake, is thoughtful, kind, and ridiculously

Great Bones by Lynn Ames

Great Bones by Lynn Ames is a romantic comedy that’s sure to make you laugh, smile and forget about the world around you. Rachel writes greeting cards and is so good at it that she sets the industry standard. What she’s really bad at, however, is relationships and having any measure of self-confidence. Her grandmother, Goldie, can see how unhappy Rachel is and wants to help her find love, so

My Lady Lipstick by Karin Kallmaker

My Lady Lipstick by Karin Kallmaker is a wonderfully written romance with a really cool storyline. Paris Ellison is hiding from the world. She has carved out a comfortable, safe place for herself as an author. I mean, sure, she writes under Anita Topaz, queen of the Bodice Rippers and the photo of Anita doesn’t resemble Paris at all, but it keeps her safe from a past that she worked

Huntress by AE Radley

Huntress by AE Radley was great fun. I listened to this book for the first time via audiobook. It started out as a just throwing it on whenever I got into my car situation. Then it slowly started creeping into when I worked out, when I cleaned, soon I found myself just sitting on my bed staring at a wall listening to it because I just could not to stop.

Can You Hear Me by Geonn Cannon: Book Review

Can You Hear Me by Geonn Cannon, is a novel about two women meeting without ever seeing each other. Colonel Noa Laurie is an astronaut high above the earth on a mission to clean up orbital space around the planet. She’s both a hero and a pariah for being the sole survivor of a space disaster years before. Noa takes the mission to prove a point to herself more than anything

Snow Globe by Georgia Beers

Snow Globe by Georgia Beers is a wonderful friends to lovers romance. It starts with Mackenzie crying in the bathroom after her girlfriend broke off their wedding less than two weeks before it was scheduled to happen. Determined not to let her ex destroy her entirely Mackenzie takes her best friend, Allison, on her honeymoon vacation to a LGBT resort in South Florida. What could be better for a healing

Her Hometown Girl by Lorelie Brown

Her Hometown Girl by Lorelie Brown is the third in her Belladonna Ink series. In it, Brown returns once again to the surprising and unorthodox tradition of characters with problems displayed in the first book, Far From Home, which addressed a main character with anorexia. This third volume deals with same-sex domestic abuse and sexual assault. The story starts as we meet Tansy getting a tattoo at Belladonna Ink from

Fake It Till You Make It by M Ullrich

Fake It Till You Make It by M Ullrich is a really funny and cute age gap workplace romance that had me smiling and scowling in all the right places as I listened to it. Genevieve Applegate is craving change. She’s been dating Jeremy for a decade, is tired of her job at the tiny local newspaper in Milan, Pennsylvania, and she doesn’t want to get married until she finally