Call to Me by Helena HarteCall to Me by Helena Harte is a romance that has everything you need to read about falling in love to help you escape from your stresses and worries. As well as love, there are dogs and children in the story that are wonderfully engaging and will guarantee to take your heart. So, settle down in your favorite chair with a chilling drink and enjoy.

Dr. Evie Jackson is a psychiatrist working in a secure hospital and uses her Friday lunchtimes to take a break from the stresses her work involves and walk dogs at the Hound Hotel. She is a single mum with a son Izad. Evie is still good friends with Izad’s father, and they share custody equally. Evie meets Ash at the Hound Hotel and is very quickly attracted to her but knows that Ash is too young for anything more than one night of lust.

Ashlyn Smith (Ash) has just landed her first job after university providing leisure activities for children at a local center. She has a rescue dog at the Hound Hotel and tries to visit several times a week. Ash spots Evie at the Dog spot and lusts after her but is sure she is out of reach because she has an expensive car and wears smart working clothes. However, Ash finds the confidence to flirt and joke with her. Can she get a date? And, if she does, could it lead to more?

The Characters

Izad is Evie’s number one priority in life. She is careful with her love life and has agreed with Izad’s father, Tal that they won’t introduce anyone to Izad unless they are special and expect a long-term relationship. Tal has just met someone special, and Evie realizes she has put her life on hold; she starts to think about looking for her someone special. She is physically attracted to Ash, but Evie makes a number of decisions about who she thinks Ash is and navigates her way forward using those decisions. And of course, they aren’t all correct.

Ash is a handsome gentleman of a butch who is very conscious of her lack of money and status. She was in foster care for much of her young life. Ash has a part-time job with children and teenagers and loves it despite having a mean and uncaring boss. She loves older women because they know what they want, and Evie fits her ideal. Ash thinks that maybe Evie finds her attractive and fun and wants to get her on a date and into bed. She hasn’t thought beyond that, but perhaps she should?

Other characters that deserve a mention include Izad, Evie’s son, who has his own small but significant part to play and he is adorable, with just the right amount of bravado and style. Then there is Java, the dog who also tugs at the heartstrings.

The Writing Style

Harte has written a beautiful love story that is easy to read, and with just the right amount of sex, love, and drama. She writes with confidence and will ensure your heart is singing one moment and in the next crying with consummate ease.

The story itself has the two main characters navigating their relationship. What makes the story special is the differences between the two women in their timing and needs at the different points in their emotional journeys. It is very well done.

The Pros

I love Ash. I can quite see what Evie sees in her, and she makes my heart sing. So, now that we have that out of the way, what did I like most about the book? While this is a romance, it has so much extra to make you think about how two people, despite honesty and communication, can end up creating problems for themselves.

I think that Izad is an excellent portrayal of a young boy who is loved but has some issues and is careful with his friends. Harte comes over as a real dog lover as her writing about Java and his problems is written from the heart

The Cons

There are none.

The Conclusion

Call to Me really does call to me on many levels. It has lust and sex (which I have to say will have you not wanting to be disturbed), it has romance and love. Then there are the dogs and the children. So just buy the book and set aside some ‘me’ time and enjoy.

Excerpt from Call to Me by Helena Harte


And most people had that reaction when Evie told them where she worked.

“Are you a prison officer?” Ash asked.

Her temporary stumble fell away and she easily resumed her laidback demeanour. And Evie didn’t miss the flash in Ash’s eyes as she asked her question. Prison. Handcuffs. Sexy sex.

“It’s not a prison, it’s a hospital,” Evie said a little more harshly than she perhaps should have, but she grew tired of having to explain the difference. Which was unreasonable of course, because it sort of was a prison for some people. Patients couldn’t come and go as they pleased, and every door in the whole complex was bolted, or secure, or locked electronically. And it was the place where they sent people who were a grave and immediate danger to the public, often through the criminal justice system.

Ash frowned and tilted her head slightly. “But there are serial killers and cannibals there?”

She smiled again, a more mischievous one, as if she knew she was pushing Evie’s buttons.

“Well, I’m not a prison guard, I’m a doctor.” That was the easiest explanation, but it was work she didn’t want to talk about. It was work she came here to get away from. Evie looked at her watch, conscious she was wasting Ariel’s exercise time. “I’m sorry. I have to walk Ariel.” She took a step to the side and began to unlock the little terrier’s gate.

“You say sorry a lot, doc.”

“I hadn’t noticed.” A blatant lie. She was always apologising. If she fell to sleep, she woke with sorry on her lips. “Sorry.” That one was deliberate, and she ducked down to clip Ariel into her lead so that Ash didn’t see her smile. “Hello, lovely Ariel. How are you today?” Evie tickled under Ariel’s chin and the little dog yapped excitedly. “Enjoy the rest of your visit with Java,” Evie said as she walked back toward the field, trying not to take one last, lingering look into Ash’s sparkling eyes.

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