Cake by Jove BelleCake by Jove Belle is the first book in the Bitterroot series. It’s a fun and hot novella that’s perfect for whiling away an hour or two.

Kelly Miller is 10 years younger than her brother, but she’s by far the more mature of the two. Not knowing he was even dating anyone, she’s surprised when he tells her out of the blue that he’s getting married in three weeks. She’s immediately a little less surprised when she learns that he needs something: Kelly is going to make the cake for the wedding out of her upscale bakery.

Elana Verdad might be a life coach and psychologist, but her life is currently out of control. Her on-again/off-again lover, Brianna, is marrying a man after a whirlwind courtship and Elana is doing community service for backing into his mailbox (twice). What to do? Crash the wedding, of course, and seduce the hottest woman there. Even if that woman happens to be the sister of the groom…

The Characters

I love the characters, especially the two leads. For a piece this short, they’re remarkably well drawn, from Kelly and Elana down to side characters like David, Kelly’s parents, and Elana’s best friend.

I particularly appreciated that I could sympathize with Elana, despite her violent reaction to learning Brianna is with David. She clearly is having a rough time at the wedding and the events of Cake are a turning point for her.

The Writing Style

The style is sharp, the pacing is quick, the sex is hot, and the overall chemistry between Kelly and Elana is off the charts, even outside of the bedroom.

The Pros

Cake has some of the best instant chemistry I’ve ever seen and pulls off a beautifully believable happy-for-now ending. The ending makes me happy because I would have rolled my eyes and thrown my Kindle across the room if there had been an “I love you.”

Also, for all my fellow bi readers out there who might be wondering, there isn’t any bi-shaming about Brianna marrying a guy.

The Cons

I could have happily read hundreds more pages about these characters.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a fun, sexy read, I recommend Cake. Maybe just don’t read it in public.

Excerpt from Cake by Jove Belle

This seat taken?” a woman asked as she scooped up Kelly’s program and purse and dumped them into her lap.

“No, please, feel free.” She opted for the polite answer, but added a touch of frost to her tone because it was more fun that just taking it.

The woman tilted her head and evaluated her. She gave a tight nod as she settled into the seat she’d just cleared. “Thanks.” Then she stuck out her hand as though this qualified as a perfectly normal social interaction. “I’m Elana.”

Kelly turned and made a show of looking at all the available seating left in the church, then she smiled picture perfect and took Elana’s hand. Yeah, this woman was presumptuous, but with her dark hair and even darker eyes, she was also pretty damned attractive. Her hair was cut short, almost to the skin at the sides and back, but long enough to flop over her eyes in the front. It gave her a deliciously androgynous look that Kelly found incredibly tempting.

“Kelly. Nice to meet you.”

Elana nodded and smirked in a way that made her look even sexier. “I’m pretty sure the pleasure is all mine.”

Kelly hummed, but didn’t really respond. Time would judge the accuracy of that statement, and she wasn’t in the mood to demur.

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