jove belle cakeCake by Jove Belle is the first book in the new Bitterroot series and is a fun and hot novella that’s perfect for whiling away an hour or two. The cover might call it a romance, but make no mistake—this is an erotic romance, and an excellent one at that.

Kelly Miller might be younger than her brother, David, by 10 years, but she’s by far the more mature of the two siblings. Not knowing he was even dating anyone, she is surprised when he tells her out of the blue that he’s getting married in three weeks. She’s a little less surprised when she learns he needs something: Kelly is going to make the cake for the wedding out of her upscale bakery.

Elana Verdad might be a life coach and psychologist, but her life is currently out of control. Her lover has left her for a man and is marrying him after a whirlwind courtship while Elana is doing community service for backing into his mailbox (twice). What to do? Crash the wedding, of course, and seduce the hottest woman there, even if she happens to be sister of the groom.

The Characters

I love the characters. For a piece this short, they’re remarkably well drawn, from Kelly and Elana down to side characters like David, Kelly’s parents, and Elana’s friend Reagan.

The Writing Style

I’ve read almost everything by Jove Belle and this might be her best work to date. The style is sharp, the pacing is quick, the sex is ridiculously hot, and the overall chemistry between Kelly and Elana is off the charts, even outside of the bedroom. Also, she deftly manages to make Elana sympathetic, despite her violent reaction to learning Brianna is with David, where a lesser author may have made her shrill and unlikeable.

The Pros

Cake has some of the best instant chemistry I’ve ever seen and pulls off a beautifully believable happy-for-now ending. The ending makes me happy because I would have rolled my eyes and thrown my Kindle across the room if there had been an “I love you.”

The Cons

I could have happily read hundreds more pages about these characters. When’s the next book coming out in the Bitterroot series?

Tara's Favourite Novels reviewed on on TheLesbianReview.comThe Conclusion

This is a run, not walk, recommendation for this book. Pick it up today and don’t read it in public.

Excerpt from Cake by Jove Belle

She should have said no when Kelly asked her to the reception, but it’d been too long since she’d felt that instant spark of attraction. Sure, Kelly was hot as fuck, but it was more than that. It was the line she walked between flirtatious and bitchy. That was what had Elana so spun that she’d said yes when she fully meant to say no.

Kelly climbed into the driver’s side and took Elana’s hand in hers. She smiled and said, “Are you sure you’re up for this? I could drop you somewhere if you’d rather.”

“Well, that depends.” Elana returned her smile, but she went for sultry instead of sympathetic, like Kelly. She leaned over the console and cupped Kelly’s cheek. “Are you going to let me do,” she pressed her lips to Kelly’s, drawing the words out and letting her mouth linger on Kelly’s, “this.”

“Mmm, definitely.”

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