Cadence of My Heart by Keira Michelle TelfordCadence of My Heart by Keira Michelle Telford is one of those books that I feel rather uncomfortable with. The story is about a woman (Marlee) who is paid to take care of the daughter of a wealthy couple (Cadence). Cadence is sixteen and Marlee is in her thirties.

I am relatively okay with the whole older woman/younger woman romance in most cases. This one however is a bit weird for me because Marlee is a kind of mother figure for Cadence since she has been looking after her for a couple of years. Telford does smooth this over with explanations of how Cadence has always had a crush on Marlee, making it mildly better.

The Characters

The characters are not Telford’s best work, they tend to be a little flatter than they should be with Cadence’s parents being a bit too much like caricatures of wealthy parents who want their daughter to marry a boy who will further their business.

The Writing Style

As always, Telford writes well. Her pacing is good and her events are interesting. This is not a bad read.

The Pros

The story will appeal to people who like a bit of naughty nanny action with a solid plot line.

The Cons

I am not mad about the idea of a caregiver becoming a lover to a young girl

The Conclusion

Telford writes well and if you enjoy the idea of a romance between a nanny and her young charge then this is the book for you.

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Book Details

ISBN number: 9780992011529

Publisher: Venatic Press

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Cadence of My Heart Book Cover Cadence of My Heart
Keira Michelle Telford
February 1, 2014

CADENCE OF MY HEART -- AN EROTIC LESBIAN ROMANCE. "She'd positively vibrated with the thought of being the one to break through that last vestige of childhood and bring her darling Cadence fully into womanhood. But at the same time, she hadn't been able to overlook the magnitude of the responsibility. Hadn't been able to overlook it, nor come to terms with it." Being sixteen years old and destined to marry the boy your mother picks out for you sucks. Being sixteen years old, gay, in love with your new nanny, and destined to marry the boy your mother picks out for you sucks worse-and it's not so great for the nanny, either. Thirty-three-year-old Marlee Meeks isn't exactly sure how long she's harbored romantic feelings for her young charge, Cadence Ashlock, but by the time they share their first forbidden kiss, she knows their lives have become dangerously entangled. ***Contains graphic & explicit language***