Cadence of My Heart by Keira Michelle TelfordCadence of My Heart by Keira Michelle Telford is one of those books that I feel rather uncomfortable with. The story is about a woman (Marlee) who is paid to take care of the daughter of a wealthy couple (Cadence). Cadence is sixteen and Marlee is in her thirties.

I am relatively okay with the whole older woman/younger woman romance in most cases. This one however is a bit weird for me because Marlee is a kind of mother figure for Cadence since she has been looking after her for a couple of years. Telford does smooth this over with explanations of how Cadence has always had a crush on Marlee, making it mildly better.

The Characters

The characters are not Telford’s best work, they tend to be a little flatter than they should be with Cadence’s parents being a bit too much like caricatures of wealthy parents who want their daughter to marry a boy who will further their business.

The Writing Style

As always, Telford writes well. Her pacing is good and her events are interesting. This is not a bad read.

The Pros

The story will appeal to people who like a bit of naughty nanny action with a solid plot line.

The Cons

I am not mad about the idea of a caregiver becoming a lover to a young girl

The Conclusion

Telford writes well and if you enjoy the idea of a romance between a nanny and her young charge then this is the book for you.


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