Bridesmaid of Honor by Graysen MorgenBridesmaid of Honor by Graysen Morgen is a sweet, romantic story about two women who hate each other because they desire each other. This is one of those stories with no surprises, so it’s fun to curl up and read on any given day.

Britton Prescott is the maid of honor in her best friend Heather’s wedding. What Heather fails to mention to Britton is her cousin, Daphne, is going to be a bridesmaid. Even though it’s been years since the two women have seen each other, Britton remembers all too well how Daphne made her life miserable in high school.

As if that wasn’t enough bad news, Britton’s sister, Bridget, announces she’s getting married in the same month as Heather. And guess who is her maid of honor? None other than her best friend, and Britton’s nemesis, Daphne. With everything on the fast track to get Bridget and Heather married in five weeks, Britton and Daphne are expected to act like adults and put the past behind them. Is it a disaster waiting to happen? Or will both women play nice?

The Characters

I love all the characters, and the protagonists are two of the best I have found in fiction. Britton is very confident and charismatic, but she’s not arrogant. Even when the subject of her wealth is brought up, it’s viewed more as a convenience for certain aspects of Britton’s life. It doesn’t define who she is as a person. Her confidence and self-worth are purely derived from her heart, not her family fortune.

Daphne’s personality feels very intellectual and analytical at first. She has a good mind for business and likes order and structure in her life. It doesn’t make her cold, but it feels a little askew to Britton’s personality early in the story. As her true feelings become revealed through her reconnection with Britton, Daphne exposes a vulnerability about her that becomes apparent as Graysen shows just how deep her feelings for Britton truly run. It’s a characteristic that makes her very endearing and has the reader waiting with baited breath for Britton to see it as well.

The Writing Style

The writing style showcases just how important dialog is in a comedy. While the scenes themselves are fun to see unfold, especially the steamy sex scenes, it’s the witty dialog that really hooks you and draws you into the story. The banter Graysen writes is specific to each character’s personae. It’s smart and clever and allows the characters to interact fluidly. If Graysen hadn’t written such entertaining dialog, this story wouldn’t be as enjoyable.

The Pros

There are some definite class lines in this story with the description of Britton and Bridget’s wealth, but I love how it’s not exaggerated to gaudiness. It’s used more as a story point to show how Britton deviated from the expectations of her family and carved her own path. There isn’t any discrimination based on affluence. It’s just part of these characters, not their defining quality. Morgen really has them grounded in the expectations of the world and the community they live. It makes the story feel more authentic.

The Cons

A lot of this story is told from Britton’s view point, which is really nice. However, I would’ve liked to have seen a little more of Daphne’s perspective as it pertains to her feelings for Britton and how long she’s harbored this attraction.

The Conclusion

This sweet little comedy has some funny moments, and the dialog is very smart and witty. It’s also fun to watch Britton and Daphne have the façade of enemies in public, while behind closed doors they’re ripping each other’s clothes off.  It’s sexy, funny, and chaotic as the characters navigate their new dynamic among the pandemonium of planning two weddings. I have this book saved as a personal favorite that I re-read every year. Definitely worth an afternoon curled up on the sofa.

Excerpt from Bridesmaid of Honor by Graysen Morgen

“Hey, Brit,” Bridget said, walking into the room.

Britton looked up at her sister, but her eyes immediately went to the woman behind her. She had short blond hair, but in a long bob style and tucked behind her ears and a slender, lithe figure. Britton’s eyes roamed over the stranger languidly, stopping when her eyes lock on light green ones staring back at her under a raised eyebrow. Britton swallowed the lump in her throat, tamping down her racing libido. She never noticed her mother leave the room.

“I was just leaving,” Britton said.

“Wait, you and Daphne need to get together with your plans before you go,” Bridget said.

“I haven’t really planned anything yet,” Britton said.

“That figures,” Daphne smirked sarcastically.

“I’m sure you have everything all planned out. Just give me your damn dates so we can move on,” Britton grabbed one of the mimosas her mother had on the table, emptying it in one long sip. She was already on edge from dealing with her father and his constant changes to her designs. Seeing Daphne for the first time in years, only to notice her body’s sudden appeal, added fuel to the fire.

“I can’t believe Heather left you to handle things for her,” Daphne said, shaking her head. “Yes, as a matter of fact I do have everything planned for your sister’s parties. That’s what a maid of honor does. Or did you not know that?”

“Do you see this?” Britton said to Bridget. “And you think I’m the one with issues.” There is no way I’m attracted to her. So what if she’s beautiful. She’s a bitch!

“What the hell is with the two of you?” Bridget said.

“Ask Daphne!” Britton said before storming out of the house.

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