Breaking Legacies by Zoe ReedBreaking Legacies by Zoe Reed is a high fantasy novel.

Kiena is a nineteen-year-old woman who uses her skills as a hunter to support her mother and brother during a time of war in her kingdom. After her father was killed for being marked as a traitor by the King, her family is left dirt poor and Kiena’s hunting and tracking skills is all that keeps them alive. When Kiena’s childhood friend comes to ask for her help to track down a runaway Princess on behalf of the King himself, Kiena’s world is turned completely on its head.

Finding Princess Ava is the easy part for Kiena, it’s the twisting journey that follows that will test both of them to their very foundations. Full of peril, magic, rebels, villains, dragons, and one very captivating romance, Kiena and Ava’s journey is not what either of them expected!

The Characters

Kiena Thaon, our primary main character, is a master hunter and tracker who is sent to find and bring Princess Ava home and back to the King. Despite being dirt poor, Kiena has a heart of gold, and it’s apparent in the way she loves her animal friends, Albus the wolfhound, and Brande the horse. Despite the many obstacles that she faces on her journey that test her strength, Kiena’s heart of gold shines until the very last page.

Princess Avarona ‘Ava’ Gaveston is our other primary main character and the runaway princess that Kiena is sent to find on behalf of the King. Ava is strong, resilient, and nothing like the stereotypical hoity-toity Princess that Kiena expected to meet. Ava is down-to-earth, insisting that Kiena treat her like an equal, and she is always ready to pull her own weight. As we get to know Ava more and more and the story telling why she ran away begins to unfold, we learn just how strong Ava truly is.

There are numerous secondary characters who are important to the story, but describing their character would spoil this story for those who have not read it yet. Readers should know that the way Reed lays out this story is very smooth, and each character is fully fleshed out with wonderful backstories and lots of attention to detail. You need to read this one for yourself so the twists are not spoiled!

The Writing Style

Even readers who are not traditionally fans of fantasy are sure to enjoy this novel. Reed is a masterful storyteller, taking us on a journey right along with the main characters. This is not your typical high fantasy novel with too many characters and too many unpronounceable locations or old-style words that are difficult to follow. Reed crafts a beautiful story that weaves just the right amount of smooth dialogue, tension, angst and romance into our characters journeys.

The Pros

1) The main characters are strong, courageous, relatable, and very easy to root for.

2) Fans of romance shouldn’t be turned off with the labeling of this story as a fantasy novel. There is a beautiful, overarching romance that does not take a backseat to the character’s journey like it does in most other high fantasy novels. The chemistry between Kiena and Ava leaps off the page without falling victim to the dreaded trap of instant lust or too-quick confessions of love. Reed perfectly blends romance right alongside the fantasy in this novel.

3) There is magic and DRAGONS! Need I say more?

4) Reed’s storytelling abilities are phenomenal. Even though this story is on the longer side for page count, you will find yourself staying up well past your bedtime just to read ‘one more chapter’.

5) Be sure to check out the fan art tumbler created by fans for this novel also! How many authors can say that their story has created such a strong following full of fan art related to their novel?

The Cons

Readers should know going in that there is some bloodshed and violence in this story, but it is handled with care. Unless you’re an advocate of zero violence, don’t let this be a deterrent. The story is too good to miss.

The Conclusion

Fans of fantasy cannot afford to miss this story, and readers who appreciate more pure romance will find themselves caught up in the fantasy just as much as the romance. Reed’s writing style perfectly blends the two and I truly believe that even the most novice of fantasy readers through to those who are well-versed in the genre will all love this story.

Excerpt from Breaking Legacies by Zoe Reed

“Forgive me if I’m uncomfortable around people with the authority to chop my head off.”

Ava snickered, removing her hands as she rolled her eyes. “No one’s going to chop your head off.”

“Not if I’m polite,” I quipped.


Ava was trembling against me, and her tears had soaked the shoulder of my tunic under my armor, but for a minute I just stayed there. Letting her hold me. Knowing exactly how close I’d been to never feeling it again.

“Don’t cry,” I whispered hoarsely, and Ava froze like she was unwilling to believe she’d heard correctly. “I’ve never made a girl I fancied cry before.”

Ava gasped and drew back just enough to look at me, and when her eyes met mine, she broke down all over again. But they were tears of joy, and relief. She squeezed me to her and then let go to plant kisses all over my face, and then squeezed me to her again as she laughed through the tears. She hugged me and kissed me and cried for minutes, muttering over and over again that I was alright and alive as if she had to convince herself it was true.

“That’s a damn lie,” she said eventually, laughing and sniffling like she didn’t know which to do, but she leaned back to look at me, helping me to sit up. “If I had a copper for every tear I shed over you…”

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