Blood, Money, Murder by Jessie ChandlerBlood, Money, Murder by Jessie Chandler picked me up and dropped me into a madcap caper that had me happily enthralled from start to finish.  I would call this a cozy les-fic mystery with a kick. This is book five in the Shay O’Hanlon Caper series. Two strangers come into the Rabbit Hole, the cozy coffee shop co-owned by Shay O’Hanlon. They ask to speak to Eddy Quartermaine. Shay is protective of Eddy, who is like a mother to her and these two don’t look a little suspicious. No one know that Eddy has been holding on to a twenty-five year old secret that involves money, murder, and love. That secret is about to blow up.

The Characters  

Shay O’Hanlon is the co-owner of a cozy coffee shop called The Rabbit Hole in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has recently and reluctantly moved in with her girlfriend, Police Homicide Detective, JT Bordeaux.  The story is told from both Shay and JT’s points of view and I liked this, it works.

Pete O’Hanlon, Shay’s father, owns The Leprechaun, a “nordeast” Minneapolis bar. Shay’s and her newly discovered and not totally welcomed half-sister Lisa Vecoli have been helping their father, Pete O’Hanlon get the recently refurbished Leprechaun ready for St Patty’s Day. The warmth of these well drawn characters are a wonderful compliment to the action.

The Writing Style  

The writing is tight, the dialogue pops, and the author leads us down a twisty path to an satisfying ending.

The Pros

I loved it. The snappy dialogue and  plot invited me into the story and the well developed characters kept me there. I am so happy there are four preceding books, because I didn’t want to let these characters go. Some series mysteries spend so much time telling the backstory of characters and events that I lose interest in the current story. Not the Shay O’Hanlon Caper series. The kick in this story comes once Eddy’s secret is revealed. This is also a story about what makes family and the power of love.

The Cons

I questioned an action that Eddy did near the end of the book that had to do with one more secret she had kept from Shay.  Is this a con, or does it show how involved I became with this group of characters?

laney-favourite-booksThe Conclusion 

I brought this book on my last weekend camping trip and it was a bigger treat than my “heated just a little bit over the fire” chocolate chip cookies. I love cozy mysteries and want more les-fic cozies! Thank you Jessie Chandler for creating this series. Even though this was book five in the Shay O’Hanlon Caper series, I never felt left behind and even though the book works nicely as a stand alone, I double-dare you to read just one. This one goes on my favorites list, Sheena!

Excerpt from Blood Money Murder by Jessie Chandler

The night was quiet. The streetlights cast a soft yellow-orange glow on the mostly snowless asphalt. It wasn’t really cold, for a northerner, anyway – maybe mid-fifties – but the breeze sent a shiver up my spine. I was glad I’d pulled my Rabbit Hole jacket on.

Lisa caught the last of my shudder as we met around the back of the SUV. “I don’t know how you stay warm in just a hoodie. It’s March, not May.” She  was bundled up in a thick, black leather motorcycle jacket with a black and orange scarf wound around her neck. Fur-lined leather gloves theoretically kept her hands warm.

“Guess I’m lucky that way.”

I popped the hatch, and was about to hand Lisa’s share over when something smashed into me from behind. My body hit the back of the SUV hard enough that the air was knocked from my lungs.

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Note: I received a free review copy of Blood, Money, Murder by Jessie Chandler. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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