Blinded by Kim Pritekel is a thriller with a good dose of adventure and a touch of fantasy.

Burton Blinde is a reporter with a big future ahead of her working for CNN. But when she chases down the wrong story, everything blows up, and she runs away from everything she has ever known and worked for. When she is suddenly pulled into a mystery years later, Burton is unable to suppress those journalistic instincts, and follows the breadcrumbs straight to Chilvokia.

Lilli is a Chilvokia native with a secret past, and a desire to save her nation from the corruption that is destroying it. When Lilli and Burton are united in their quest for the truth, suddenly they are in danger of losing everything. Drawn together by shared desires, Burton and Lilli embark on a dark adventure that will put their lives at risk, and threaten everything they know. Including their growing attraction for each other.

The Characters

Burton starts off as this ambitious, single-minded reporter, desperate to get her story. After her accident, everything that we know about Burton changes, but as soon as she is drawn into the mystery, those parts of her that were obvious at the start are drawn out too. She is a really well written character for the most part, consistent in the way she does things, and exactly what I look for in a heroine… single minded, determined, will do anything for a pretty woman…

Lilli is a native of Chilvokia who has recently returned after living abroad. A doctor, Lilli is a crucial character to this story because she bridges the divide between Chilvokia and the United States. Lilli is a determined, dedicated woman who is passionate, and proud of what Chilvokia once was. While Blinded is written from third person POV, it is through Lilli that Pritekel tells the story of Chilvokia’s civil unrest and recent history, and she could not have written a more appropriate character through which to do this.

The Writing Style

This book starts with a bang, literally, and then the pace falls away for a bit before picking up and going at a good pace towards the end. It is mostly set in an Eastern European type country, so some of the language and names of characters are a bit to wrap your tongue/mind around.

The Pros

This book is full of adventure. It is set for a large part of the story in a ruined/war torn castle, and features fighting, adrenaline, sex, and thrills galore. The romance is a little heavy for the rest of the story at times, but it is there, and those looking for a HEA won’t be disappointed.

The Cons

This is quite a dark book, so there is general violence, and violence towards women and children, including sexual violence. Not for the faint of heart.

My con though is unrelated to that. This book is set in a fictional country, and I found it quite hard to get my head around that. I wasn’t prepared for it by the synopsis, and it was a bit too fantastical for my tastes. Anyone who knows me, knows that I generally stay away from that sort of genre. What can I say, I’m a realist and I like my books to feel real. That being said, if you like a bit of fantasy, this book could totally work for you.

The Conclusion

This book is probably less of a thriller and more of an action adventure in my opinion. With a background of corruption and war, there are castles, women and children in danger, and a heroine who sweeps in to save the day and win the heart of her leading lady. A great read for a bit of escapism, and something for those who enjoy a bit of fantasy adventure.

Excerpt from Blinded by Kim Pritekel

The paper the box was wrapped in was sky blue and the satin ribbon tied around it was white. She lifted it to her ear.

“Is it ticking?” Roger said with a chuckle.

“Very funny, and no.” She set the box in her lap and removed the card. The envelope wasn’t sealed and the small greeting card was blank on the outside. She flipped it open to see a single word written in beautiful and flowing handwriting.


“Do you trust it?” Simone asked, plucking the card from Burton’s fingers.

“I have no idea.” Burton tugged the end of the ribbon, pulling it off from around the box. She set it on the desk behind her then removed the paper. It was a plain, square box, the ends taped shut. She pulled a letter opener from her desk drawer to slice through it then tugged the box ends open. Inside was a bottled wrapped in several layers of Bubble Wrap.

“Oh my! You made someone happy,” Simone said, eyeing the bottle.

“Why do you say that?” Burton asked, realizing that what she held was a short, round bottle of vodka, N7 vodka, to be exact.

“We used to use this stuff back in my bartending days. This little baby is a ninety-dollar bottle,” she explained, tapping the crystal bottle with a painted fingernail. “It’s made in this tiny little country up near Russia that I can’t remember the name of now, but it’s good stuff.”

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  • ISBN number: 9781943353538
  • Publisher: Sapphire Books

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