Birthright by Missouri VaunBirthright by Missouri Vaun is one of the smoothest reads I’ve had my hands on in a long time. It is a romance but its subgenre is action/adventure which is perfect for me since romance tends not to hold my interest.

Katheryn is queen of Olmstead and reports of a neighboring nation, Belstaff, encroaching on her lands has her looking for a solution and fast.

Word of a missing heir to the throne of Belstaff emerges and this may be Katheryn’s chance to save her kingdom from invasion.

Aiden has just escaped from the monastery where she grew up living a sheltered life. Night one and she has already landed herself in jail. As days turn into nights Aiden is about to give up when an angel with a crossbow comes to her rescue, Katheryn.

Now Aiden who has been saved by this stranger faces a decision. Return with this woman, who could not have possibly rescued her for nothing, or follow her dreams to freedom.

The Characters

Katheryn is queen of Olmstead. She is burdened with ruling a kingdom at a young age. Katheryn is trying to prove that she can handle the responsibility and step up. She bares the weight of her kingdom on her shoulders.

Aiden is so pure. I truly enjoyed her emotional rawness. Never having been out in the world before she wears her heart and mind on her sleeve and that was so refreshing to me.

The Writing Style

This story was so pure. The Storyline was smooth and was enjoyable to read, very straight to the point.

The Pros

I loved the relationship development between Katheryn and Aiden.  There is also a side couple that I actually loved just as much….dare I say loved more?

The Cons

This is more of a question but I’m wondering, neigh hoping, there will be a book for Venn as well.

The Conclusion

This book was a fun and easy read. I suggest it to action readers looking for a little romance in their lives or a romance reader wanting a little action… get it?

Excerpt from Birthright by Missouri Vaun

Aiden looked down at the swirled patterns of dust on her boots. The scuffed toes of the soft brown leather pieced the edge of the light cast on the ground from the pub’s entryway. A battered wooden sign squeaked on the metal hooks above her head as it swung back and forth in the ocean breeze. The Thirsty Boar was painted on the sign in faded letters. Laughter, singing, and discordance of the other noise spilled out the open door of the pub into the cool damp night air.

A fat orange striped cat, perched on a wide windowsill, watched Aiden with a bored expression.

As Aiden weighed whether to enter the pub, two thick-waisted  men tumbled through the opening, leaning heavily on one another. She stepped aside before they caught her up in there stumbling exist.

Aiden’s hunger won the brief internal argument, and she stepped inside. Aiden scanned the room for a moment from the door. A plump maiden slapped the hand of a groping fellow as she passed by his table, but then quickly fell into his arms laughing. A chair fell backward with a loud bang, knocking its occupant to the floor. Two of his chess helped him back to his feet.

The noise, the patrons, the scene of general debauchery was in stark contract to anywhere she’s ever been. Different was good.

Excerpt 2

The lines of the ancient creation poem filled her mind. Aiden took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and repeated them silently as a meditation:

I am the ray of the sun

I am the wind that blows across the sea

I am the wave of the ocean

I am the fairest of flowers

I am a salmon in the pool

I am an idiot. 

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781626394858
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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Note: I received a free review copy of Birthright by Missouri Vaun. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books. 

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