Better-than-Chocolate-Movie-ReviewBetter Than Chocolate is one of my favourite lesbian films. It is charming, well made and really quirky.

The story is about Maggie, a young woman who is enjoying her independence. One day she meets Kim, a travelling artist who is everything Maggie has always wanted in a woman. A day into their budding romance Maggie’s mother (Lila) and brother (Paul) arrive to stay with Maggie.

Maggie isn’t out to her mother and tries to hide her attraction to Kim, causing Kim hurt and frustration. Will Kim stick around to see if their budding relationship can last or will she hop in her van and drive off into the sunset?

Intertwined with Maggie’s story is her mother’s. Having left her husband, Lila needs to gain a level of independence that she has never known and with the help of Maggie’s transgender friend, finally manages to stand on her own two feet.

This is a lovely tale of romance, self discovery and acceptance. It has charming moments, a fair deal of quirk and humour but also painful moments where you just want to give the characters a hug.

Technically, it is a well made film. The soundtrack sets a perfect mood, the acting, directing and editing all blend into a well made film with no glaring errors.

An excellent film and well worth a watch.

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One Of My Favourite Lesbian MoviesBits and Bobs

Director: Anne Wheeler

Producers: Christopher Adkins, Peggy Thompson, Rosamond Norbury, Sharon McGowan, Wolfram Tichy

Writer: Peggy Thompson

Starring: Wendy Crewson, Karyn Dwyer, Christina Cox, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Marya Delver

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