Betrayal by Nancy Ann HealyBetrayal by Nancy Ann Healy is as much a page turner as Intersection was. In fact, I think this is a much better read. I believe Intersection was Nancy Ann Healy’s first book and this book has many more layers and much more for the reader to think about.

The romantic element of the story continues to follow the life of FBI agent Alexis (Alex) Toles, her teacher partner Cassidy O’Brien and Cassidy’s son Dylan. They are trying to get some normalcy in their lives following the events in Intersection.

Betrayal starts with Alex learning that the President of the USA, John Morrow, has been shot. Before he dies, the President speaks to Alex and she has to make sense of what she is told. These words are what drives the book forward initially. As fast as Alex unravels one of the clues, actions elsewhere confound and complicate the issue, keeping the reader guessing as to what is happening. The story takes place across many different countries as Alex tries to uncover an organization called the Collaborative. Her number one priority in all her dealings is protecting Cassidy and Dylan.

Meanwhile Cassidy is running the home and supporting Alex whilst recovering from her ordeal. She has to deal with her ex-husband, whose political ambitions, hatred of Alex and need to be seen to connect with his son have numerous consequences throughout the story.

The Characters

The characters are really well written and there are a lot of them. I think that if you haven’t read Intersection then this book would be a difficult read. So go and buy it!

On the family side, Alex takes the lead in this story and she continues in her role as the strong protector. She is highly intelligent, an ex-Army Captain (who even wears a uniform for the Presidents funeral….”tall in her dress blues with an elevated heel that increased her already considerable height” <swoon>), and is dealing with her parents, who she feels don’t understand the person she is and the life that she leads. Cassidy is another of those women that make you want to be cared for by them. She’s perceptive, aware of her lover’s sensitivities and very warm and nurturing. Finally, Dylan ‘Speed’, aged 7, dashes through the story being a very caring child. Chris O’Brien is Cass’s ex-husband and is a loose cannon throughout the story, as people take advantage of his greed and naivety.

The Writing Style

The story is written in the third person and has the different storylines spread across sections of the narrative. So, we are at Alex and Cassidy’s home in one scene and in the next we could be at the US embassy in London with the Ambassador and then in France with an Industrialist. It is the same style as the first in the series and works well, adding to the tension as the story leaves particularly difficult and tense situations and takes you somewhere else.

The Pros

It is the layers that make this story. What is happening? Who are the Collaborative? Why is this action important? Trying to work out who can be trusted and why, and working out which characters are on which side. It is even difficult to work out who has right on their side.

There is a lot of romance. It is interwoven into the intrigue and the trust issues so that the seams are invisible and as the reader you get to understand why there is fear as a backdrop to a lot of what is happening.

The Cons

I suppose I should say you need to read Intersection before reading this to give you continuity — and if you haven’t, you have missed a good read. Whilst this story has a clear ending, there are numerous threads left that will need following up. Luckily there are a further three books in this series.

The Conclusion

If you are like me and into intrigue, conspiracy, and romance with a thriller element and the knowledge that it runs to five books, then this is for you.

Excerpt from Betrayal by Nancy Ann Healy

“I’m glad you told me,” Alex said softly. Cassidy sat with her face in her hands, finding it impossible to breathe. “No secrets. Not between us. Cass…”

The teacher looked up with tear stained cheeks. “I’m so sorry, Alex.”

“Cassidy, this has nothing to do with us. You made a mistake. To be honest I’m not sure I’d even say that.”

“You must think….”

“What? I must think what?” Alex asked, guiding Cassidy’s face to her own.

“Alex, I never…”

“Cass,” Alex let out a heavy sigh. “I love you. I love you more than anything. We all have a past… so do I…”

“I should have told you.”

“Probably,” Alex chuckled. “But, when would you have done that?”

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