Her Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan O’BrienHer Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan O’Brien is a new erotic romance that might just be this author’s hottest book yet. Bold claim, I know, but trust me when I say that the sex in this book is off the charts.

Claire Barker is on her way out the door from feeding her best friend’s cat when she manages to embarrass herself by making a quip about masturbation just as Sarah’s sister and Claire’s longtime crush Alex shows up. Alex brushes the self-love reference aside and asks Claire to share dinner with her, where they crack open some of the very wine that is responsible for the hottest night of Claire’s life and a shift in their relationship from friendly to fulfilling both of their dreams.

As amazing as their night is and the continued affection and sexual connection that follows, Claire has a hard time believing the gorgeous butch fashion photographer would want to be with someone as quiet, introverted, and not-a-supermodel as her. Can she really believe Alex’s assurances that Claire’s brains, heart, and body are her dream come true?

The Characters

Alex and Claire are both very easy to like. Because we only ever see things from Claire’s perspective, we tend to see her insecurities and doubts more than Alex’s, although those do come up in the times when Alex admits to them. Alex doesn’t have much of an arc, and that worked just fine for me because she adored Claire from beginning to end and I am here for that. Claire’s character arc is great, and I loved the scene near the end when she shows Alex’s megabitch exgirlfriend exactly how not-mousy she is. As a fellow nerdy introvert, I wanted to high five her so bad. Also, I love that Claire is a coder and entrepreneur, because we don’t see much of that in lesfic.

Speaking of the megabitch, Meghan O’Brien did a phenomenal job of writing one of the most hateable characters in lesfic. I hope that woman falls off a building or something.

The Writing Style

Ohhhhh my lord, I dare you to try and find a hotter new release this year. I mean, for sure Meghan O’Brien has written some of the steamiest books I’ve ever read, and Her Best Friend’s Sister tops them all. I think part of why her erotic romances are so satisfying is that they’re as heavy on the romance as they are on the erotic side of things, so I end up fully investing in the relationships and am always cheering for her couples by the end of their books. The sex in Her Best Friend’s Sister is varied in terms of both acts as well as Alex and Claire’s behaviours. This means that the “what” and “how” changes as their relationship progresses and Claire gains confidence, which works very well and ensures that the sex is never just there to fill pages.

The Pros

Everything? Seriously though, I loved this book. It’s so sexy with all of the feelings, characters I loved, and a happy ending I believed in. I definitely wouldn’t mind a follow-up short story from Alex’s perspective. Or a prequel short story from when Alex reads that Wired article…

The Cons

I wish one of the two women on the cover was a handsome butch. Also, some people may not like the gender bending dirty talk (I am not one of those people, but I know not everyone is into that).

taras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

Camp Rewind is probably still my favourite book by Meghan O’Brien, but I know I’ll be reading this one again and again. If you’re a fan of excellent erotic romance, you must pick this one up.

Excerpt from Her Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan O’Brien

Growing more comfortable the longer they remained in the intimate embrace, Claire asked something she’d always wondered but had accepted she would never know. “Have you ever thought about me before? Sexually?”

Alex lowered her eyes, clearly a little conflicted. “Before I read that interview, only a few times. The very first was the day I took you and Sarah to the beach to go swimming after your high school graduation ceremony. There were a handful of other times after that, when I felt naughty enough to go there. Since last year, though, it’s been more frequent.” She trailed off, then let out an amused snort. “Especially since I’ve had so much opportunity to masturbate, being single and celibate.”

Claire struggled to believe that wasn’t simply the alcohol talking. “Seriously?”

Reestablishing eye contact, Alex pinned her with an expression so earnest that for the first time in their lives, Claire felt every inch her equal. Soberly, Alex said, “I wouldn’t lie to you. I won’t.”

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