Being Hospitable by Meka JamesBeing Hospitable by Meka James is an erotic novella about finding love with your best friend’s little sister.

Kiki Jenkins has been best friends with Kenny for years. So, when he calls to ask if his little sister, Charley, can stay with Kiki while she does an internship, it’s a no-brainer for Kiki.

Charley has had a crush on Kiki for as long as she can remember. Now that she’s going to be staying with Kiki for a few months, it’s time for her to make her move.

Their story might be short, but it packs a spicy, sweet punch.

The Characters

I’m impressed by how well we get to know Kiki and Charley, since this is a novella and there isn’t a lot of space to explore who they are. They don’t have character arcs, per se, because all the focus is put on Charley’s plan to seduce Kiki. However, I still felt like I knew who each of them are as people and can see why they would work well together.

The Writing Style

Being Hospitable is told in the first person, shifting back and forth between Kiki and Charley’s perspectives. They’re differentiated well enough that I could keep track of whose perspective we were following at any given time.

There’s a lot of sex and not a lot of plot to this story, which was perfect by me. I was looking for something to distract me from the bad news in the world and this did a great job.

The Narration

I really enjoyed the narration for this. Phoenix Mckay brought the perfect sultry tone and kept me hooked while I was listening to it. I typically listen to audiobooks while I do my daily stretches and my stretch sessions got a little longer while I was listening to this one!

My Favourite Parts

Being Hospitable reminded me how much I love the trope of falling for your best friend’s sister. I appreciate that it includes Kiki’s concerns about harming her relationship with Kenny and I was happy with how everything turned out.

The Conclusion

I hope Meka James writes more f/f stories, because I enjoyed this one. If you’re looking for something short and sexy to distract you for a couple of hours, I definitely recommend Being Hospitable.

Excerpt from Being Hospitable by Meka James

I shimmied into a pair of shorts, somehow managing not to fall and bust my ass as I hurried from my room and down the stairs. The doorbell chimed again.

“I’m here. I’m here.” I unlocked the door to be met with Charley’s large grin and even larger big brother. Last time I’d seen her had been at her college graduation six months ago. And she looked just as good now has she had then. The sun hit her bright eyes, lighting up the umber hues, making them shine. Her normally relaxed hair had been done in long, faux locs that hung down mid-back. The form fitting pants she wore kissed the soft curve of her hips and the midriff—if it could be called that—shirt she wore barely had enough fabric to completely cover the small swell of her breasts. Every time she moved, the dark blue lace bralette she wore peeked from underneath.

Charley threw her arms around me. “Kiki, long time no see.”

The action pulled my thoughts from going too far down the gutter. A place they had zero business even heading in relation to Charlotte Graham. Though not the first time they’d been there. The way she acted around me had started to change in the last year. Little comments here, small acts of what could be considered flirtation there. All of it baffling, but not something I’d let myself read into being more than an attempt to spread her wings.

Our weekend trip to Vegas in celebration of her graduation came to mind. Sharing a hotel room with her proved to be a test since she insisted on showering with the door open and walking around in the nude afterwards. A quick shake of my head dislodged the memory before it could fully form.

I stepped back and gave her a smile. “Yeah. Same.”

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781692836092
  • Publisher: Indie author
  • Audiobook Publisher: Findaway Voices
  • Narrator: Phoenix Mckay
  • Meka James Online

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