Being Hers by Anna StoneBeing Hers by Anna Stone is an erotic romance with an age gap, rich girl/poor girl pairing and a thawing ice queen.

Melanie is a law school student by day and a waitress at an upscale bar by night. She’s laser focused on getting the career she’s been working so hard for, which means she barely has time for anything other than classes, studying, work, and the occasional run to stay in shape.

Mel notices an elegant older woman who comes into the bar fairly regularly, and she’s very attracted to her. When this woman saves Mel from a situation from a serious jerk at the bar, Mel has a chance to get to know her better and is drawn in by Vanessa.

Their chemistry is undeniable and Vanessa offers Mel the one thing she’s always wanted—a chance to explore her kinky fantasies. Neither woman wants a relationship, so it’s perfect, right? But can they really keep it casual when feelings start to grow? 

The Characters

I liked both characters and was able to connect with them pretty easily. The book is told from Mel’s perspective and I appreciated that Stone gave us enough of Vanessa’s perspective through her dialogue and other people’s observations that we weren’t left lacking or wondering who she is as a person. Both women had interesting character arcs, and it was particularly satisfying watching the girl-next-door Mel thaw the ice queen that is Vanessa.

The Writing Style

The writing kept me interested all the way through and was so engaging that I was able to finish Being Hers in a couple of days. The erotic scenes were definitely hot and the story was plotted and paced well.

The Pros

The characters were the high point for me with this one. I so love watching a “let’s keep this casual” situation turn into something with deep feelings, and Being Hers didn’t disappoint.

The Cons

If you don’t like kink in your erotic romance, you may not like this one. I found the kink to be pretty light, though, so it may be worth checking out anyway.

The Conclusion

Being Hers is a solid lesbian erotic romance and I enjoyed it. I’ll be checking out for more books by this author in the future.

Excerpt from Being Hers by Anna Stone

“I should get back to work.”

“You’re not going anywhere until I’m sure you’re okay, Melanie.”

“I’m fine.”

“Indulge me then.” It was clear that there was no point arguing with her.

Mel sat back down. As she looked around the room, she spotted a few personal items. A silk robe hanging from a hook on the wall. A fluffy white towel on the back of the door to the bathroom. A bottle of whiskey and some glasses on the counter. It was the same whiskey that the woman always ordered downstairs. The space didn’t look lived in enough to be more than an occasional hideout, but it was clearly hers.

Mel’s eyes wandered over to the bed. As she admired the black satin sheets, something caught her eye.

Hanging from the bedpost was a black leather riding crop with a crimson handle.

Heat rose up Mel’s body. For a fleeting moment, an image of the woman wielding the whip played in her mind. She tore her eyes away and pushed the thought out of her head. But she was suddenly hyperaware that she was alone in the room of a domineering woman who she felt an undeniable attraction toward. One who owned a whip.

And that woman was looking straight at Mel.

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