Autumn's Light by Aurora ReyAutumn’s Light by Aurora Rey is a lovely light romance that ends off the Cape End Romance series. If you haven’t read or listened to the others then don’t worry, you can absolutely start with this one.

Graham is the sweetest person with the biggest heart. She believes in forever but she hasn’t found her one true love yet. Feeling frustrated at being in the lesbian mecca of Provincetown and not having a date for more than a year, Graham sets out to find some adult fun. When she sees a gorgeous fisherwoman around town she goes out of her way to meet the mysterious woman.

Mat is a lobsterman working in her family business. She comes from a traditional Portuguese, Catholic family and hasn’t ever really come out to her parents. They know she is gay but there has never really been a discussion about it and Mat is pretty sure she is destined to be alone or be disowned.

When Mat and Graham meet the chemistry is undeniable. They can’t stop thinking about one another and end up together more nights than apart. Casual slowly evolves into romantic dinners and meeting the family and when Mat realises that her heart is on the line she panics.

Is forever something that Mat can reach past her fears and grab? Is Graham patient enough to wait for Mat?

Will they find forever?

The Characters

Aurora Rey has a knack for writing characters you care about and she never gives us the same pairing twice. Each character is always unique and fully fleshed out. Most of her pairings are butch/femme and her diversity in butch rep is so appreciated. This goes to prove the butch characters do not need to be one dimensional, nor do they all need to be rugged.

One of my favourite characters in this book is Mat’s cousin, a trans man. And he is the sweetest, most wonderful romantic. He has a side story where he starts dating and I was thrilled for him, cheering him on all the way.

Graham was as wonderful as ever. I fell in love with her when I listened to Spring’s Wake and was ecstatic to see her get her own happy ever after.

The Writing Style

Rey writes romances in which you can happily immerse yourself. They are gentle romances which are character driven.

I appreciate the subtleties of the relationships that she includes with the side characters, making every member of the cast feel like a living person.

The Narration

Hollis Elizabeth was a great narrator for the series. She managed to keep voices the same and the pacing works with the gentle nature of the stories.

One small thing for me was the strange Portuguese accent that she used for some of Mat’s family. My wife is Portuguese so this was particularly grating for me.

The Pros

It’s a lovely story and well worth a listen on audio. I am sad that the series is over but I look forward to seeing what Rey has in store for us next.

The Cons

When you read a book certain phrases are not as obvious as when you listen to a book. In this series the phrase – raised a brow – is a little overused.

The Conclusion

This is a charming story and well worth a listen. It’s a good ending to the series and I am thrilled that Graham got her own story.

You can absolutely listen to this one as a stand alone but I would recommend starting at the beginning and working your way through all four audiobooks simply because then you get a great series of stories that are somewhat interlinked.

Excerpt from Autumn’s Light by Aurora Rey

Graham smiled. Just two summers ago, she’d been the intern. It meant a lot that Charles trusted her to be the senior naturalist on board. “Absolutely.”

He offered her a casual salute, which she returned, then disappeared back into the boat. She walked along the pier, studying the fishing boats and yachts tied up side by side. She’d noticed that before, but never really thought about it. It struck her as odd that they shared the same space. Was that common or something unique to Provincetown?

Her schedule rarely coincided with the comings and goings of the fishermen. The tides must have been just right, though, because a number of boats appeared to be unloading the day’s catch. She slowed her pace to watch as bins of fish and barrels filled with lobster were hoisted via a makeshift crane from boat to pier, probably on their way to restaurants just down the street to be cooked up and served the next day.

Her budget didn’t allow for a lot of fresh seafood, but maybe she could justify a trip to the fish market. If she sprang for a couple of lobsters, she might even convince Aunt Nora to do the steaming. Graham sighed at the thought of fresh lobster, dipped in drawn butter.

Her gastronomic daydream was cut short by the appearance of a woman she’d not seen before, standing on the deck of one of the fishing boats. She wore a black tank top and faded gray work pants. Her jet black hair was cut short and the deep bronze of her skin looked like more than just a tan. She handed bins to a guy with similar features, who stacked them along one side of the boat.

Graham realized her mouth was hanging open. She quickly closed it. She bit her lip and stared. Wow.

As if sensing the attention, the woman looked her way. Graham could tell she had dark eyes, even from such a distance. The kind of eyes that felt infinite.

Graham knew she should look away, but she found herself transfixed. The woman paused long enough to offer Graham a slow smile. Not the kind of friendly smile Graham usually exchanged with people she passed on the pier, the kind of smile that made tourists feel welcome or the kind residents and workers shared amongst themselves. No, this smile had more of a come-home-with-me energy. Or at least it felt that way to Graham.

Just as quickly as the moment began, it ended. The woman returned to her work and Graham was left standing in the middle of the sidewalk with a goofy smile on her face. She barely resisted a face palm. With more intention than before, she strode toward Commercial Street and away from making a complete idiot of herself.

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Cape End Romance

Winter’s Harbour

Summer’s Cove

Spring’s Wake

Autumn’s Light

Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781635552720
  • Publisher: Bold Stroke Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Stroke Books Inc
  • Narrator: Hollis Elizabeth
  • Aurora Rey Online  

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