Author: k-aten

Born and raised in Michigan, Kelly is a latecomer to the writing scene. She works in the automotive industry coding in Visual basic and Excel. Her avid reading and writing provide a nice balance to the daily order of data, allowing her to juggle passion and responsibility. Her writing style is as varied as her reading taste and it shows as she tackles each new genre with glee. But beneath it all, no matter the subject or setting, Kelly carries a core belief that good should triumph. She’s not afraid of pain or adversity, but loves a happy ending. She’s been pouring words into novels since 2015 and probably won’t run out of things to say any time soon.

Broken Wings by L-J Baker

Broken Wings by L-J Baker is a romance like none you’ve ever read before. Baker has created a magical world where Rye Woods is a fugitive Fairy holding down multiple jobs in order to do her best for her sister. Faery is a brutal and harsh place full of religious zealotry and narrow-minded views on anything other than women submitting to men. That was why Rye went back for her

Trafalgar and Boone and the Books of Breathing by Geonn Cannon

Trafalgar and Boone and the Books of Breathing by Geonn Cannon is the third book in the Trafalgar and Boone adventure series. Dorothy Boone and Trafalgar of Abyssinia are enemies turned allies that travel the world searching for lost artifacts and thwarting evil where they can.    They are also founders of the newly created Mnemosyne Society, which is a collaborative group of fellow adventurers that have come to agree

Spirits Smirits by KB Draper

Spirits Smirits by K.B. Draper is about AJ Mattox, an ex-cop and current demon hunter. She travels the country with her best friend Danny Whitefang, and her new girlfriend, Ranger Ashlyn Parker (former park ranger, truth be told). The best friend—she’s had since the age of seventeen when she accidentally received Danny’s destined hunter spirit into her own body, thus becoming a total demon-hunting baddass. The girlfriend—she picked up a

Beneath The Surface by Rebecca Langham

Beneath the Surface by Rebecca Langham is book 1 of The Outsider Project. It takes place on a future Earth where humanity has so damaged the climate that people are forced to live in enclosed domes or beneath the surface. Perhaps that’s why when the Outsiders were made known to the people it was easier to put them underground. They were too alien, too different, and the populace was told

Forbidden Melody by Magnolia Robbins: Book Review

Forbidden Melody by Magnolia Robbins begins with Emma Harvey, an exceptionally gifted pianist and daughter to a renowned jazz musician, trying out for a place at the prestigious Bard Music Conservatory for her graduate studies. Her talent shines brightly and catches the attention of one of the professors sitting on the panel, Juliet Hamilton. Juliet herself is prodigy violinist and first chair in the New York Philharmonic. It’s only when

Lucky 7 by Rae D Magdon: Book Review

Lucky 7 by Rae D Magdon is an intensely hot gender-bending cyberpunk adventure. Right in the beginning we’re introduced to Elena Nevares who is a jacker. In this future world most people have implants that allow them to connect to virtual reality, but while the average citizens are novices in the alternate reality, jackers are the professionals. They hack code from the inside and are vital to any ops team.

Recombinant Love by KAnne Meinel

Recombinant Love by K’Anne Meinel is about Ryley Graham and her poodle, D.O.G.. They are from the 21st century and disappear in a flash of light one day while out hiking. More than 500 years later a life pod is found floating in space and picked up by a space ship whose mission is to explore wormholes. At first Ryley thinks she’s part of an elaborate government hoax but eventually

Appetizers by Geonn Cannon

Appetizers by Geonn Cannon is a collection of 15 short stories that encompass a variety of genres and time periods. As with any Cannon novel, the characters are unique and interesting, and the story lines don’t always follow what you’d expect. Many of the tales seem to be meet-cutes of a sort, with unacquainted people meeting and making a connection. However, there are a few with established couples and some

Curved Horizon by Taylor Brook

Curved Horizon by Taylor Brooke is set in a world where science has discovered and predicted when each person will meet their soul mate, otherwise known as their Rose Road. It is a different sort of world where tiny digitalized countdown chips are placed beneath the thumbnail of every infant. You meet your soul mate when your clock reaches zero. There is a 1 in 1000 chance that your clock

The Year of the Knife by GD Penman

The Year Of The Knife by GD Penman was a really intriguing book from the start. I was worried it would be too strange, too confusing with its alternate names and history, with the prevalence of seemingly science-based magic. However, The Year of the Knife proved to be just the opposite. Set in an alternate timeline of our world, New York City is called New Amsterdam and the colonies never