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Tracey Richardson injects small realities and details into her work. This makes the story all the more believable. The research side probably stems from her journalistic background but the result is that you read her fictional work and wonder if she has ever been in the music business or in the political arena.

This is what she says about her work:

Your Writing

A brief description of your writing:

I like to think of my writing style as contemporary, almost journalistic style with a lot of emphasis on character.

One word to describe your books:


Who/What inspired you to start writing?

I began reading lesbian novels in the 1990s, like Rita Mae Brown, Katherine Forrest and Karin Kallmaker. They inspired me to write my own novels. I wrote my first one while in my 20s and recovering from a tonsilectomy!

Why lesbian fiction?

I like creating worlds that I can identify with, and characters that (at least in terms of sexuality) reflect who I am.

If someone is new to your work, which of your books should she read first?

The-Candidate-by-Tracey-RichardsonSide-Order-Of-Love-by-Tracey-RichardsonTNo-Rules-For-Engagement-by-Tracey-Richardsonhe Candidate, Side Order of Love, and No Rules of Engagement.


What inspired you to write The Song In My Heart?

As a newspaper reporter, I’d covered a large outdoor music festival two summers in a row. I had a chance to roam around backstage at will, and interviewed a lot of the performers. So that inspired me, plus my love of music. And researching the book gave me the push I needed to learn how to play guitar!


What inspired you to write No Rules of Engagement?

I wrote this novel in 2009. At the time, I couldn’t find any other lesbian romance novels that featured characters and a storyline set in Afghanistan during the War on Terror. I believe mine was the first lesbian novel set in the post-9/11 war (there have been many since). The war at that point had begun imprinting our collective conscience, and many people had loved ones serving (from both Canada and the U.S.). I thought it was high time to feature it in contemporary novels.


The-Campaign-by-Tracey-RichardsonWhat inspired you to write The Candidate and its sequel, The Campaign?

I’ve always found American presidential politics fascinating, and for a long time I wanted to write a novel about a woman running for president (who also turned out to be a lesbian). I wrote The Candidate just before Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008. It was a lot of fun writing those two novels, and I actually really enjoyed writing speeches for my character.

Anything else you think readers may find interesting?

My favorite sport is (ice) hockey. I play twice a week, 10 months a year. I’m about to start writing a lesbian romance novel that will feature an Olympic hockey theme… and maybe a USA/Canada rivalry that turns romantic for two characters.

Other Lesbian Works

Your favourite lesbian book (not written by you):

Photographs of Claudia by KG MacGregor

Your favourite lesbian movie:

Imagine Me & You

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