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suzie carr author profileNot only is Suzie Carr an amazing author, but she is also full of brilliant motivational ideas and information. She is one of the nicest people you will meet and I have a large dose of respect for her.

So, naturally, I asked her to do a profile for me. This is what she said:

Your Writing

A brief description of your writing: 

I write lesbian fiction with a twist of romance, how-to books on writing and motivation, and blogs about embracing the beauty in life’s curves.

One word to describe your books: 


Who/What inspired you to start writing?

The first time I felt my passion kick in for writing was the day my college professor handed me back a persuasive piece I wrote on Bone Marrow donation. I had written it as a parable of sorts to bring the facts to life. She urged me to submit the piece to magazines, and then complimented my writing style by telling me that writing is what I should be doing with my life. She was what I would call a hard-to-please professor who pushed students to the limits. Her praise fired up a desire in me to one day be a person who could also inspire another to find her value and share it with the world.

Why lesbian fiction?

I love indulging in the warmth of that sweet build up to romance between two women and the high of watching as they move from struggle to triumph.

the dance by suzie carrIf someone is new to your work, which of your books should she read first?

The Dance. I think it showcases my best writing. It’s the story that is most important to be read, as it’s timely and filled with a nice balance between love, loss and nature.

What inspired you to write The Dance

I was sitting in my living room, flipping through some TedTalk videos, when I came across one presented by Dr. Marla Spivak, Why Bees are Disappearing. When the video ended, I immediately knew I wanted to learn much more about honeybees and what I could do as an individual to help save them. I also knew that I needed to share this information with others.

Through my research on this novel, I hope to bring to light to the issues facing honeybees and ways the community can help save this valuable, keystone species. Readers will catch a glimpse into the magic of these beautiful creatures and learn about the many parallels between them and the book’s characters who nurture them.

Listen to Suzie doing a reading from The Dance

Sandcastles by Suzie CarrWhat inspired you to write Sandcastles:

The idea for Sandcastles came to me about 5 years ago when my friend passed away from liver cancer. I’ll never forget the look in his eye the day we met for the last time. His eyes were filled with regret, and also with an urgency to communicate that as long as I’m alive, I can have fun exploring life instead of just existing in it. That last look we shared was the first seedling to Sandcastles, planted many years ago and never forgotten. The main theme of this novel is to remember that life is a lot like a sandcastle in that, even though it’s temporary, that shouldn’t stop us from building the best damn life we can.

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the journey somewhere by suzie carrWhat inspired you to write The Journey Somewhere:

Fans of Tangerine Twist begged me to finish Becca and Kelly’s story. I flashed forward a few years into the future, after some tough lessons were learned and new paths taken.



tangerine twist by suzie carrWhat inspired you to write Tangerine Twist:

I have always been fascinated by the show America Idol. I always wondered what immediate fame could do to a person. I wanted to explore this with an average woman who suddenly gets tossed into the throes of fame as a duo partner to an established rocking woman. This was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had writing a book!


a new leash on life by suzie carrWhat inspired you to write A New Leash on Life:

Believe it or not, I fell in love with the title first. Then, the idea sprang from there. I spent some time working in a shelter, and so the ideas just began to flow of how I could turn that experience into a story about animal welfare and two women finding each other again after many years.


the muse by suzie carrWhat inspired you to write The Muse:

When I wrote The Muse, a lesbian romance novel that deals with the subject of bullying and how it affects us throughout our lifetime, I did so with the goal of bringing awareness to the issues that affect so many and to hopefully save people from having to deal with its hurtful consequences.

The feedback I received from those who suffered at the hands of bullies and from former bullies was incredibly uplifting. I was touched beyond belief to hear that The Muse affected so many people in such a positive light. This book resonates so personally to me, and I hope it continues to educate, as well as entertain, readers.

staying true by suzie carrWhat inspired you to write Staying True:

The song The House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert brought out a range of emotions in me. Every time I’d hear it, I’d well up and think about my childhood. My grandfather influenced me greatly, and became a supporting character in this novel about digging deep to find your way back home.


two feet off the ground by suzie carrWhat inspired you to write Two Feet off the Ground:

Fear is something that has gripped me and held me back from living out some pretty awesome experiences. I had a burning desire to explore fear and uncover the whys and hows to overcome it. So, I decided to write a book with the central theme around the very concept. When I began writing Lauren’s character, I had no idea of the complexities surrounding her phobia. She taught me a great deal, and took the book on a totally different tangent than I originally planned. The story resulted in a character who confronted her fears head on, sweeping them to the side when she realized all she would lose if she didn’t. I learned a lot from Lauren. She took over the driver’s seat and took me on one hell of a ride as she discovered her strength within.

the fische room by suzie carrWhat inspired you to write The Fiche Room:

This was my first novel. The story of a woman struggling to find her way in the world as a daughter, artist, and eventual lover whispered its urgency, and I responded! My goal when I set out to write The Fiche Room was to create a story that could resonate with anyone struggling to live life in the truest sense. It is meant to be a sweet love story. It focuses on the build-up of love and the beauty of the first kiss, the first tremble, the first instinct of love.


Anything else you think readers may find interesting: 

I read every single one of my reviews and take them very seriously. I’ve learned a great deal from readers and fellow writers, and I am always grateful when one takes the time to provide her thoughts. I am super sensitive, and so it took me a long time to get to the point where I stopped taking negative reviews personally. Now, I view them through a lens of learning and growth. I feel by doing so I am a stronger writer.

Your favourite lesbian book (not written by you): 

Maybe Next Time, Karin Kallmaker

Your favourite lesbian movie: 

Elena Undone by Nicole Conn

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