RadclyffeRadclyffe was one of the first lesbian authors I read. I was a teenager at the time and to say that her work made a huge impact on me is an understatement.

Not only is she one of the greatest lesbian authors but she is one of the most prolific. And if that is not enough, she also started Bold Strokes Books, one of the biggest publishing houses of lesbian fiction.

Radclyffe also writes the Midnight Hunters fantasy series under LL Raand.

That’s right ladies, I am a fan and proud of it.

This is what Readclyffe has to say about her work:


Your Writing

A brief description of your writing:

I write lesbian romances (contemporary, paranormal, intrigue, and historical). All of my books feature strong, sexy women. I particularly enjoy writing “heroes” – women who will sacrifice all for love, honor, and family.

One word to describe your books:


Who/What inspired you to start writing?

I have always loved romances and have been writing since I was ten or so—writing makes me happy J. I began writing novels for my own entertainment long before I thought of being published (I was in medical school at the time and still writing when I practiced surgery full time)

Why lesbian fiction?

I wanted to create stories that reflected my dreams and desires, and those of other lesbians.  I hope my novels present affirming images of passionate women in love and life.


If someone is new to your work, which of your books should she read first?

Fated Love (a medical romance) is one my readers always recommend as a “first” read.

Above All, Honor (featuring a secret service agent and the adult daughter of the US president) is the first in the Honor series, a romantic intrigue series.


What inspired you to write Fated Love?

I set this medical romance in the neighborhood where I was living in Philadelphia at the time and featured what had been the first women’s medical school in the US.

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Safe-Harbor-by-RadclyffeWhat inspired you to write Safe Harbor?

This is the first in the Provincetown Tales. I started it during Women’s Week in one of my all time favorite LGBTQ meccas – Provincetown, MA.



Innocent-Hearts-by-RadclyffeWhat inspired you to write Innocent Hearts?

I grew up loving cowboy stories, and I wanted to write a lesbian love story set in on the frontier.

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When-Dreams-Tremble-by-RadclyffeWhat inspired you to write When Dream Tremble?

This book is set on Lake George, NY where I worked as a teenager and in many ways is my most autobiographical work.

Other Works In The Lesbian Genre

Your favourite lesbian book (not written by you): Shadows of Aggar. Chris Anne Wolfe.

Your favourite lesbian movie: Desert Hearts


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