KA Moll

KA-MollKA Moll is not just a lovely author but she is an amazing lady and a complete romantic.

So, naturally I couldn’t resist torturing her with my questions. Despite this, she was lovely enough to answer graciously.


Your Writing

A brief description of your writing:

I write about strong women—lesbians—who struggle through emotional trauma to find love. Never would I have predicted that my writing would also be about the practice of social work, but it is. I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me in that the practice of social work was a part of my life for so many years. Most importantly, I write about soul mates and I write about marriage.

One word to describe your books:


Who/What inspired you to start writing?

Stories have always been inside me. I remember writing my first when I was in third grade. It’s funny; the details are as fresh as if I wrote the work just yesterday. Ahhh…”The Backyard Massacre”. I read it to anyone who’d listen, put it in the hands of anyone who could read. My wife would say that nothing’s changed…except maybe my genre.

In terms of my inspiration to write a novel, I guess it was that I left my day job, and suddenly found that I had the time.  But really, that’s only part of it. I mean, when you first start out, who really thinks she can write something as massive as a novel. Writing novels is what other people do, right? So when I wrote the first sentence of Soul Mates, it wasn’t that I thought it was destined to become a book in someone’s Kindle library, but rather it was just me, messing around…until I handed that first chapter to my wife and she loved it. I gave her the next and she loved it too—so I kept writing.

Why lesbian fiction?

I enjoy writing. I love lesbian fiction. Writing it just seemed to be my logical next step.


If someone is new to your work, which of your books should she read first?

Soul Mates

What inspired you to write Soul Mates?

Soul Mates is a story of…well it’s a story of soul mates. I wrote it for my wife.

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What inspired you to write Coming to Terms?

Coming to Terms is about a cop and a social worker. My inspiration for this work came from the heart of my practice of social work. My inspiration for one special character, Jenny, came from my mother-n-law. Jenny is a fictional character, but her relationship with Sawyer was much like the one I enjoyed with my wife’s mom.

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Haunting-Love-by-KA-MollWhat inspired you to write Haunting Love?

My inspiration to write Haunting Love came from the recognition that religious organizations often have the power to lift up or destroy people, especially those in the LGBTQ community. I wanted to create a character who was able to struggle through the religious baggage of her childhood and come out the other side intact. The paranormal aspect of the story came from a desire to explore the complex concepts of belief, loss, and guilt.

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Other Works In The Lesbian Genre

Your favourite lesbian book (not written by you):

Passion’s Bright Fury by Radclyffe

Your favourite lesbian movie:

Desert Hearts

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