Harper Bliss

bliss harperHarper Bliss can be described as infamous in the circles that pay attention to lesbian fiction. She came into a relatively small market a few years ago and before you knew it you had read, owned or at least heard about her books.

She was so good at marketing herself that she gained a reputation faster than most authors are able to and her love for writing ‘those books that made you a little hot under the collar’ soon gained her a large audience of adoring fans.

What makes Bliss stand out from the crowd is that she isn’t just a prolific author, but she is a savvy business woman as well. She started self-publishing and today both her and her wife work full time in their company, Ladylit publishing.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bliss for a podcast on The Write Stuff and I was so impressed with what she said and with how open she was about sharing her publishing and marketing secrets that I offered her and her wife (Caroline) their own podcast. You can hear Bliss & Her Mrs on The Lesbian Talk Show channel.

This is what she says about her novels.

Your Writing

A brief description of your writing:

I write emotional (some call it angsty), intense (some call it dramatic), explicit (some call it raunchy) lesbian love stories.

One word to describe your books:


Who/What inspired you to start writing?

At the risk of sounding a bit crazy, I’d been telling stories in my head for as long as I could remember, and it was time for them to come out. ;-) From the moment I could hold a pen, I’ve wanted to write. I’ve always written in some shape or form, be it blogs, diaries, bad poetry or long, over-sharing letters. Then the Kindle boom happened, and the rest is history.

Why lesbian fiction?

Because there’s no better and more emotionally fulfilling entertainment than two women falling in love!

harper bliss at the waters edgeIf someone is new to your work, which of your books should she read first?

I’m inclined to say At the Water’s Edge because that book sparked such a big reaction and means so much to me. It has also sold the most copies of all my books, and so many readers can’t be wrong. ;-)

What inspired you to write At the Water’s Edge?

My own dealings with depression in the past and the drive to share my story and, in the process, write the shame off me.

Once in a Lifetime by Harper BlissWhat inspired you to write Once in a Lifetime?

My wife urged me to, for once, write a story about two people who’d been in a relationship for a long time instead of meeting for the first time. Of course, I threw in a lot of drama and a ton of BDSM, but I have to give credit to my wife for giving me the idea for that book.


Seasons-of-Love-by-Harper-BlissWhat inspired you to write Seasons of Love?

My undying love for all things cougar ;-)

I love May/December stories, I had just watched the movie Swimming Pool with Charlotte Rampling AND visited the Algarve. After that, it was just a matter of sitting down to write the story…


release-the-stars-by-harper-blissWhat inspired you to write Release the Stars?

Watching too much Top Chef…




Far-From-The-World-We-Know-by-Harper-BlissWhat inspired you to write Far from the World We Know?

At this point, it might become quite clear that I’m a television addict, but he idea for Far from the World We Know came from blending the setting of Friday Night Lights with the main female character from Broadchurch… What if a woman with a terrible secret arrives in small town Texas (plus lesbians)?


Anything else you think readers may find interesting?

I currently live in Hong Kong (it’s as busy and humid as you think it is), but by the end of the year, my wife and I are hoping to embark on a digital nomad lifestyle, thus leaving Hong Kong and travelling the world.

Other Works In The Lesbian Genre

Your favourite lesbian book (not written by you): Pages for You by Sylvia Brownrigg. It’s the book I’ve re-read the most. It’s passionate, beautifully written and so very dramatic and hopeless (which the reader finds out in the very beginning, so that’s not a spoiler.)

Your favourite lesbian movie: Concussion. I was so blown away by it that, immediately after seeing it in the theatre, I went to see it again (the short scene with Robin Weigert and Laila Robbins in bed alone is worth it.)

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