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weeping walls by gerri hillI love Gerri Hill books. Okay now that it’s out of my system let me also say that I especially love her two horror books and I have been promoting them furiously because she won’t write a third one until the first two sell better (well, she didn’t actually say that, but I can then harass her to write another one, you see). So go and buy Keepers Of The Cave right now, if you already own it, you may proceed to read this profile.

Enjoy :)

This is what Gerri Hill says about her work:

Your Writing

A brief description of your writing:

Romance is at the heart of my writing, whether it’s a contemporary romance or a murder mystery/thriller.

One word to describe your books:


Who/What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always dabbled with writing short stories, even way back in grade school. Of course, I never imagined it would morph into this! I wrote my first lesbian fiction in the early ‘90s, simply because I had no books to read and I was stuck in a mountain cabin during a snowstorm!

Why lesbian fiction?

Write what you know!

If someone is new to your work, which of your books should she read first?

I always suggest reading my books in chronological order, not because there are a lot of sequels (there aren’t), but because I tend to “pop” characters from a previous book into a current book.

Hunters Way by Gerri HillWhat inspired you to write Hunter’s Way:

I wanted to combine a romance with a murder mystery! It was easy to find books that were pure romance. And there were books that were police dramas or murder mysteries featuring lesbians, but if there was any romance, it was only as a passing thing. I wasn’t really sure how Hunter’s Way would go over as all of my previous books were true romance stories. I think at the time, readers who were drawn to romance didn’t want to be distracted by a murder! They wanted to get the gals in bed! And of course, those who liked to read murder mysteries or thrillers didn’t want to be bothered with a silly romance taking time away from the real action! So my goal was to make the murder mystery part of the book strong enough to hold the interest of those readers and make the romance part of the book strong enough for my romance readers to hang on through the police parts! The response was so overwhelmingly positive (it’s still my best-selling book to this day) that it inspired me to write several more (The Killing Room, The Target, The Scorpion to name a few, as well as the others in the Hunter Series, of course).

Artists Dream by Gerri HillWhat inspired you to write Artist’s Dream:

After living many years in Austin, a gay-friendly college town, we moved to a very conservative part of East Texas. Every single lesbian or gay man we met was in the closet…in fact, they were behind the secret door at the back of the closet! After being in Austin where we were out to friends and coworkers, it was a difficult setting to be in. The main reason most everyone had for “hiding” was because of religion and family…and the fear that came with both. After this book was published, I received so many heartfelt emails from people telling me their stories about fear and hiding and their experiences of coming out….some good, some tragic. Of all the books I’ve written, this one hit home with a lot readers because it was personal to them.

Keepers of the cave by gerri hillweeping walls by gerri hillWhat inspired you to write Keepers of the Cave:

This is one of the books where the characters came to me long before the story did. I wanted to write something that was a little bit different than my usual, something a little bit on the weird side! When I started writing this, the “creature” wasn’t really planned. As I got into it more and Mother Hogan began to get a little creepy, I knew I needed something really “out there” so I went back to the beginning and the “creature” was born! CJ and Paige are two of my favorite characters so I continued their adventure in Weeping Walls. I like them so much, I may do a third book with them as well!

The Cottage by Gerri HillWhat inspired you to write The Cottage:

An email from a reader saying that she loved my romance books but that she couldn’t relate to the endings because she’d lost the love of her life…her own personal romance did not have a happy ending. The story of Jill and Carrie, two married women who meet by chance and fall madly in love, was just that…two women falling in love. They fell madly, deeply…and their love was strong and passionate. I wanted to show the depth of their love, not the length of it.

Other Works In The Lesbian Genre

Your favourite lesbian book (not written by you):

An Emergence of Green by Katherine V. Forrest

Your favourite lesbian movie:

It’s a toss-up and they are two completely different movies! I love the intensity of Bound….and I love the playfulness of Imagine Me and You!

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