Author Profiles


I have a fascination with the women who write the books I love and wanted to share some of this with you, so I created Lesbian Author Profiles.

These are the amazing ladies behind some of my favourite books. Click on the author’s name to go to her page.

Amy Dunne Emotive

Anastasia Vitsky – Passionate

Benny Lawrence Quirky

Cari Hunter – Page-turner

Clare Ashton – Varied!

Clare Lydon Witty

Erica LawsonDiverse

Gerri Hill – Loving

Harper Bliss – Sexy


Jen Silver – Relationships

KA Moll – Heartfelt

Keira Michelle Telford Unabashed

Kiki Archer – LaughOutLoud

Lynn Ames – Engaging

Merry Shannon – Fun!

Missouri Vaun – Captivating

Paige Braddock – Funny

Radclyffe – Passionate

Rebecca Swartz – Page-turners

Renee J Lukas – Characters

Suzie Carr – Enriching

Tracey Richardson – Spicy!

How Lesbian Author Profiles came about

I have always been fascinated by people and when I was doing journalism this served me well because I enjoyed chatting to all sorts of people about any topic you can imagine.

Coming from the magazine industry I am also familiar with what people love to add into profiles and I do not understand why you would want to ask a brilliant author what she likes to eat for dinner.

Who cares?

Ask her why she wrote your favourite book or why she chose this genre. Find out who she loves to read and you will discover the magical world behind your favourite books.

I have been mulling over the idea of adding lesbian author profiles to the site for a while. I was concerned, though, that the authors would be less than keen to fill in a long questionnaire that I sent them. First of all, who am I to ask these people to take time out of their busy lives and secondly some of the questions can be kind of personal, so would they want to share with me?

I am a little obsessive, though, and when a thought like this pops into my head it is difficult to get it out without doing something about it. So when KA Moll sent me her guest review and her bio I decided that this was the time to start the profiles. I didn’t want to publish the same bios that every book and website already has about these authors, so my wife and I (because my life is incomplete without my much better half) sat down and came up with some questions that we would find interesting and sent that to KA Moll.

Lucky for me she is a sweetheart and stopped her writing work to answer my profile and send it right back along with a couple of photo choices.

Reading her answers made me so excited that I emailed a bunch of other authors and sent them the questions too. Thus, KA Moll helped me get started down the road to awesome author profiles.

So far my biggest challenge has been Radclyffe. She too has been really wonderful and supportive, sending me the answers almost immediately. My challenge is that she has written over 50 books and I had to figure out how to profile so many books in a way that does justice to her work.

Who I will profile?

I have started with a handful of authors who already know who I am. This makes it much easier when you are asking for something. Try contacting a random stranger and getting her to fill in a questionnaire – it is not easy.

Also, I wanted to start with ladies whose books I have read and enjoyed. I have made it my mission in life to ferret out great books and movies and to introduce these to my readers. I have little interest in showcasing works that I do not love. Bad reviews do not help authors nor do they aid readers, so I do not review works that I did not enjoy.

Why Lesbian Authors?

Most lesbian authors do not sell enough books to make a living. They work full time jobs and write because they have stories to tell.

This seems like one of the great injustices of the world.

Through lesbian books young women who are struggling with their ideas of self, their lives and their sexuality can discover worlds where other women feel the same. They can see that it isn’t wrong to get all warm and fuzzy about a beautiful, soft lipped creature of their dreams.

Main stream media does an awful job of portraying lesbians, even popular series like Orange Is The New Black. The main character can’t decide if she likes women or men. The other lesbians are misfits and criminals.

TV is meant to entertain and so things are taken to the extreme and you will rarely find that happily ever after.

Important Note: I enjoy Orange Is The New Black, The L Word and a number of other lesbian TV shows. So before you start sending me hate mail know that my point is not that the TV shows are bad, but rather that they do not help us come to terms with our own feelings.

Novels, on the other hand, allow you immerse yourself in a story where women who are similar to you, go through struggles and do find love in the end.

Karin Kallmaker and Radclyffe were both hugely influential in allowing me to feel okay about my own sexuality. My family, as loving and supportive as they were, could never really understand how different I felt.

But lesbian authors did understand. The books described feelings that I couldn’t name. They described how beautiful and wonderful women were and it settled in my soul like a giant YES.

This is right.

This I understand.

And someone else understands too.

Maybe I am not so weird after all.