Apsens stunt by Melissa Grace on TheLesbianReview.comAspen’s Stunt by Melissa Grace is an interesting book. The story is fairly simple and quite sweet, the characters are not very layered or complicated and there are a couple of typos and some incorrect grammar. Even so, I found myself enjoying it.

There is something really lovely about the way Melissa Grace writes. It is simple and easy. It’s the kind of book that isn’t taxing for the brain. You know those movies that you go to when you just want something nice to watch? Well, this book is like that.

It is the story of Aspen, a motocross rider who lives on a farm in a small town. Since her mother died, it has just been her and her father, so they are very close. Unfortunately, times have been tough financially and the farm is in danger of being lost to the bank.

Unexpectedly Aspen gets a phone call from an agent who offers her the role as a stuntwoman in a large Hollywood film. She jumps at the opportunity to earn enough money to get the farm out of debt and leaves the safety of home for the unknown.

On set she meets the film star, Wren Emerson and Wren seems to dislike her initially.

The film’s make up artist is determined to date Aspen and she asks Wren to put in a good word.

Wren, although irritated by the request, opens up to Apsen and sets up the date. In the mean time Wren and Apsen start having feeling for each other. (But I must warn you this is really subtle you have to have a microscope to read between the lines here.)

Wren helps the make up artist to set up the perfect date for Aspen. But, as with any good romance if characters were meant to be together, they will be together and even the perfect date can’t stop fate.

The Characters

I would like to see some more depth in the characters and a little more obvious chemistry.

I found Aspen’s father a little overbearing and childish, but the girls were sweet enough that I found myself cheering them on.

The Writing Style

It is a light read. It’s a good book to pick up when you are looking for an easy, happy read that is not emotionally taxing.

The Pros

I really enjoyed it. Melissa Grace did a particularly good job explaining the bike stunts that Aspen did making it easy to picture them and be impressed. Either Grace is a fan of motocross or she is a rider herself.

The Cons

There were some typos and grammatical problems. I am also not a huge fan of the cover, I see why all the elements are there but it really doesn’t do justice to the kind of novel that it is.

The Conclusion

It’s a decent light read. Get it when you want something sweet to read at night after a taxing day.

Excerpt from Aspen’s Stunt by Melissa Grace

“Did you see that girl that just walked in?”

Wren turned her head to see Aspen seated across the room. “Who, Aspen?”

“That’s Aspen?”

“Sh, not so loud.”

“Okay, okay.” Kerri situated the hair iron in position atop Wren’s head like there had been no interruption. “ So that’s Aspen,” she spoke through the side of her mouth. “ She is so not what I expected.”

“How do you mean?” Wren shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

“Well, when you told me you didn’t understand why she was chosen as your stunt double because her looks, I thought she would be hideous. She is so not hideous. Not. At. All.”

Wren looked into the mirror when she could sneak a glimpse of Aspen’s reflection.

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Note: I received a free review copy of Aspen’s Stunt by Melissa Grace. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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