Arc Over Time by Jen SilverArc Over Time by Jen Silver is the second book in the contemporary romance Starling Hill series. The story is set in West Yorkshire and London, England. The cerebral Dr Kathryn Moss is entertaining several job offers after her major archaeological find at Starling Hill Farm, the home of her ex-lover Ellie Winters. But something might be stirring in Kathryn’s chest – is it a heart? Denise Sullivan, the journalist who broke the story of the dig has fallen head over heels for Kathryn but is worried that her lover’s fascination with Ellie is an unclimbable wall between them.

The Characters  

This trilogy has a whole passel of characters who were introduced in the first book, Starting Over. I would advise readers to begin at the beginning with these folks. The author describes her books as “romance for the older generation who believe in growing old disgracefully.” All tongue-in-cheek aside, the characters are lively, quirky, and fun.

I keep trying to like Robin Fanshawe, Ellie’s lover, but her brusque manner with everyone but Ellie and her philandering past made her a hard sell for me. (But I love that the author gave me characters that have nicks and dents and aren’t perfect.) Denise wears her heart on her sleeve and is truly, madly, in love with Dr Moss. She’s the most likeable character in this installment.

The Writing Style  

The story does bounce from character to character, but I could keep up with the bouncing ball just fine and it fit the energy of the story. I never questioned who was speaking. The author’s style reminds of older romantic comedy films with a cast of loveable (for the most part) characters, a storyline that is a little out there, but not too much, and a great setting. Yummy.

The Pros  

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know that I am so excited to discover UK authors and my heart goes all a flutter for stories set in England. Arc Over Time has both great characters and a fun plot. The storyline of each set of characters weave in and out of the plot really well. I’m so happy that this author likes to write romance for the over forty folks and she uses their life experience to move the story along and develop her characters.

The Cons  

In some instances the characters read a little younger than their years. I found I was surprised that Jasmine was over forty. Maybe it was her name or her lack of self confidence or I’m just a fuddy-duddy.

The Conclusion  

I thoroughly enjoyed going on this ride. And I’ll buckle up again for the final book in the series, Carved in Stone. I’d strongly recommend reading the entire series as each book builds on the storyline in the previous book.

Excerpt from Arc Over Time by Jen Silver

Knocking lightly, Den waited, hoping she wasn’t too early. The door opened just as she was thinking she would have to wait a bit longer in the bar. Kathryn was wearing a bulky white hotel bathrobe, her hair damp from the shower.

“Hey, babe. You look great.” She reached out to touch the wet strands falling over Kathryn’s face. Without her glasses, her pale blue eyes had an unfocused look.

“Come in, you idiot,” she said, backing up to let Den in.

“Did you think I was the maid bringing more towels?”

“No. She’s already been.” Kathryn continued walking into the bedroom.

Den’s eyes followed her. Even in the oversized robe, her movements were sexy. She experienced the familiar jolt of desire that characterized any meeting with Kathryn. The older woman made her feel like a hormonal teenager, out of control, raw with need.

“Kat?” She wanted her now. “What happened? Did they offer you the job?”

Kathryn opened the mini bar. “What do you want to drink?”

Den closed her eyes and hoped this might wasn’t going to turn out to be a damp squib. “A lager, if there is one,” she said, trying not to sound annoyed. She waited impatiently while Kathryn fixed herself a gin and tonic and opened a bottle of Becks for her. Taking her drink and sitting down in the chair by the window, the professor finally looked at her.

“They’ve made an offer.”

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The Starling Hill trilogy by Jen Silver

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  • ISBN number: 9781927328781
  • Publisher: Affinity E-Book Press NZ LTD, May 2015

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