Anne Shade On Sex in Fairytales: Podcast

This podcast features guest Anne Shade On Sex in Fairytales and Being Your True Self.

Sheena asks Anne:

  • How did you come up with the idea for Femme Tales?
  • How did you approach your sex scenes?
  • What did you do differently in each story when it came to sex?
  • Let’s talk about how love and sex are interwoven in all three stories?
  • What research did you do before you wrote this book?
  • What has the response been to your book?
  • You played football for the New York Sharks Women’s Professional Football team. Has that affected your writing at all?
  • Your dedication is – This book is dedicated to women who are not afraid to follow their hearts and love freely and open and to the women who are still finding their way. – is that based on your own experiences or simply a statement on the stories you told?
  • What’s next for you?

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We spoke about

Femme Tales by Anne ShadeFemme Tales by Anne Shade

Beast: Former hip-hop artist Ebony “The Beast” Trent has wrapped her persona around herself like a protective wall of bitterness. Belinda Jansen is confident, intelligent, sexy, and—to Ebony’s fascination—not the least bit intimidated by Ebony’s beastly demeanor. Can Beauty truly tame The Beast?

Awaken: Local celebrity chef Chayse Carmichael has achieved a level of success she’d only imagined while learning to cook. But when free-spirited Georgia peach Serena Frasier walks into her restaurant, Chayse realizes that success doesn’t always bring happiness if you don’t have someone special to share it with. Does love at first sight truly exist?

Stiletto: Music mogul Cass Phillips barely has a moment to sleep, let alone build a relationship. But an unexpected encounter with shoe designer Faith Shaw leads her to believe that maybe fairy tales do come true. Can true love really conquer all?

Six women find themselves in their own real-life fairy tales when true love finds them in the most unexpected ways.


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