Ambereye by Gill McKnightAmbereye by Gill McKnight is a fantastic book.

It is the story of Hope Glassy who returns to her job at Ambereye, Inc. after a medical absence. While she was away her boss took on a new PA to help him with a big contract. Since she can only work part time until she has fully recovered he makes her PA to his sister, Jolie.

Directly from the synopsis: Jolie is a moody workaholic. She is awkward, contrary, and on occasion, just plain mean.

Jolie doesn’t realize it but she needs the help that Hope that can give her and slowly Hope wins her over. Add to this a battle of wills between Jolie and Hope’s dog and you have the perfect romance.

When they are forced to spend time together at Jolie’s family’s retreat in the middle of nowhere the two women realize that there is more between them than just work.

Can Hope tame Jolie enough to make it work and will Jolie ever get along with Hope’s dog?

The Characters

Jolie’s character growth in this story is just too beautiful to watch and the way Hope helps is charming. Their battle of wills make for touching and amusing moments. This book is the perfect example of a sweet, wonderful romance about a rough-around-the-edges character and how love can smooth out those rough edges.

Tadpole, the dog, was also a fantastic character and had me chuckling often.

The Writing Style

This was a wonderful, perfectly written book. The story keeps you guessing and is unique. The characters are well written and you can’t help but falling in love with them.

The Pros

A simply charming book. I loved all of it.

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The Conclusion

If you only buy one supernatural, urban fantasy, romance then make it this one. Although, buy more because this is a great series.

I loved the way McKnight explored the characters and gave us some great moments as they fell for one another. This was truly a beautiful, sweet, well written story and I highly recommend it.

Excerpt from Ambereye by Gill McKnight

“Well…” It seemed Candace had been subliminally delegated to break the news to her. After all she was Hope’s buddy and well as her replacement. “Okay. So, Andre made me his assistant in your absence. But you know all about that.”

“Yes.” Hope nodded. Andre had visited her home several times. He was a good friend to her, much more than a boss. But then he was a wonderful guy to work for, period. Apologetic about the reshuffle, he explained that a big project had just landed on his desk and he needed Candace on board from the get-go. He’d promised to squeeze Hope into an interesting position that would fit around her new part-time hours. He was bending over backwards to get her into the office as soon as possible.

“It makes sense since I’m only coming back part time. So, what’s the problem?” She frowned over the rim of her coffee cup at her friends. They were looking decidedly shifty, and no one wanted to look at her.

“What?” What is it? You’re freaking me out here. Guys?”

Candace stepped up to the mark. “Okay. Well, word is, and it is only rumour, that you’re the new PA for Jollyface.”

“What?” Hope exploded. “Andre never told me that. I was talking to him just last night, and he never once mentioned it. Are you sure?”

“Yup,” Michael muffled through a mouth of lemon filled glaze. “We even put balloons up in the Bunker – I mean your new cubicle. And Andre got you a new PC, and a real fancy chair as a special treat.”

“As a special bribe, more like.” Hope was aghast. Jolie Garoul, aka Jollyface, was a walking nightmare.

“And it’s bulletproof.” Sally tried a joke, but only manage to underscore the problem. Jolie Garoul had more moods than an orchestra pit.

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  • ISBN number: 9781602821323
  • Publisher: Bold Stroke Books

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