Against Doctor's Orders by RadclyffeI am a lucky sausage, I got to read Against Doctor’s orders by Radclyffe as a pre-release book and boy, am I glad that I did. It is the first novel in the Rivers Family series and sets a great tone for the rest of them.

Being a big fan of Radclyffe, I expected a lot from the book and wasn’t disappointed.

Two great main characters, one big problem and a supporting cast you can’t help but love. This is the tale of a hospital that has been built and run by the Rivers family for six generations. With the bad economy the hospital looks set to close.

The board of directors accepts a buy-out offer from a health care conglomerate. Presley Worth is sent to assess the hospital to see how to turn the hospital around. The figures don’t look good and Presley is close to closing it. Harper Rivers has other plans.

The Characters

Harper Rivers is the charming country doctor who takes one look at Presley Worth and finds herself unable to think of anything else. Presley Worth is determined to not let Harper get under her skin. She came to do her job and she will do it no matter what.

Both characters are well rounded, nicely written and clearly defined. They are their own people and not the typical romantic roles one often sees in lesbian romance novels.

The Writing Style

Good pacing and flow. There were charming side stories, one in particular about a rooster. I never felt bored or distracted. There were no obvious spelling or grammar errors that drew my attention away from the story and I finished it in a couple of days without breaking a sweat.

The Pros

Radclyffe is exploring her characters a little more deeply, which I appreciate. She is also building nice side characters that I would like to see again.

The Cons

There was a side romance that didn’t develop. I don’t know if she is planning another book around these characters or if they were just a side note. I would have liked to see more of them.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

A good read, well worth it. Get this book if you like medical romances, stories about two women who are on opposite sides of an argument getting together or just a fan of Radclyffe. You won’t be disappointed.

Excerpt from Against Doctor’s Orders by Radclyffe

Clutching her phone as if it were a lifeline to civilization, she leaned back and closed her eyes. The transition was projected to take six months. She’d give it three. Any longer than that and she was likely to lose her mind. Damn Preston and his maneuvering.

The vehicle slowed, and Presley sat up. A dented red mailbox with peeling reflective numbers perched atop a gray wooden post at the mouth of a dirt driveway. The car turned in and passed between fields of what Presley presumed was grass stretching as far as she could see on either side. Surely this was a mistake. “Are you certain this is the right address?”

“Says 246 on the mailbox, ma’am. And this is Country Road 64.”

“Yes, but there’s nothing out here.”

“Well, there’s a house right up ahead past those trees. Isn’t that what you were expecting?”

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ISBN number: 9781626392113

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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