Valden Bush

Valden Bush ReviewerValden Bush is a lover of music and literature. Mysteries and thrillers are some of her faves and you can catch all her reviews here.

What I Do For A living

At the age of 40 I went to university to study Computing and have spent the rest of my working life in academia. I am semi-retired.

I have done a zillion things as I have been working since I was a waitress at the age of 12. I have put carrots in tins, sealed envelopes (top of the boredom lists!), filed cheques (No 2 on same list) and cared for young adults with muscular dystrophy.

I obviously love uniforms as I was in the WRNS (Royal Navy) for ten years and swapped uniforms for the police. Eventually I worked as a detective in vice and latterly as a rape expert. When I couldn’t wear a uniform for work, I joined a brass band so that I could wear one! At one time, I played with 4 different bands each with different uniforms and my wife complained about the space I took up with my uniform wardrobe.

valdens favourite booksBooks I Like To Read

I have spent my whole life with my nose in a book.

I cut my teeth on anything with adventure, spies, police, mystery and murders such as Hammond Innes, Desmond Bagley and Helen MacInnes, in particular. I also love science fiction and have read most of the SF classics and since then many modern authors, particularly those involving people in uniforms! I also enjoy fantasy and particularly like long series of books. I totally identified with male heroes and then found V I Warshawski; it took another 20 years before I realised that I could have as many female heroes as I wanted in lesfic.

Now that I have found lesfic I still really enjoy the type of books that were my first love, I like books that have any of the spies, mystery, police and adventure, and I enjoy the romance and hot sex that goes into a lot of these books. Science fiction, fantasy and dystopian themes are another range of books I enjoy along with LOL humour and anything involving computers.

Good scene setting is also something positive for me. If I am down at the dock fishing out a body, I want to have it written so well that I can smell it. If I am at 15,000 feet in a parachute I want to understand the exhilaration.

If there is angst, lots of twists in the plot and hopefully lots of layers to keep me enthralled I will probably not put it down. I love the thrill of the chase and the fear. And did I say I love the romantic element? And the sex? Some hot sex or eroticism just adds spice to the mix.

Turn Offs In A Book

I am not really into dialogue heavy, US college girl stories. Because of my past I really don’t want to read the full details about rape. I cannot do hetero sex, nor any sex involving men. Similarly, putting children in similar situations is a no-no. I also don’t like ghosts or vampires…give me a violent villain any day! But I can do dystopian and urban fantasy and well written were wolves so there are some exceptions.

Why I Like Reviewing Books

When I found lesfic I didn’t know where to start or what to read. The Lesbian Review Book Club set me on the road of discovery and recommended lots of fantastic books. My journey is continuing and if I can give other book travellers a helping hand then my job will be done.

How Many Books I Read In A Month

Depending on my reading for work, I expect to read 10 books in a month. If it is quiet and my list of chores is small, then it is considerably more.

A Summary Of Myself As A Reviewer In One Sentence

I do not really have much opportunity to discuss my reading and reviews in the real world, but hope that I will get that chance in the virtual world.