Tara Scott

Tara Scott is an enthusiastic member of the team. When she loves a book she manages to persuade everyone to read it.

She is also a podcaster and has her own show called Les Do Books on The Lesbian Talk Show

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This is what she says:


I’m currently in marketing, working for a social enterprise company. In my past lives, I’ve been in communications and copywriting in organizations as diverse as a non-profit, online payments company, and a digital agency.

My First Choice

My first love is and will always be romance. Give me a good romance well told, and I’m a happy reader. I grew up reading Harlequins and old school bodice rippers in high school, and I came back to romance when I was pregnant with my eldest. I can’t even describe my surprise and delight that same year when I discovered that there’s an entire genre of lesbian romance. I happily said goodbye to (almost all) hetero romance and haven’t looked back since.

tarts favourite lesbian booksMy favourite themes and subgenres include friends to lovers, celebrities, erotic romance, small town settings, recluses, medical romances, rich girl/poor girl, politicians and age gap romances. And if you can find me a lesbian romance that does something different, whether it has an unusual scenario, sex scenes that are handled differently to achieve an interesting narrative aim, or a story that perfectly balances humour and pathos? I’m sold.

That said, I do like to read more than just romance. General fiction, humorous non-fiction, and sci fi have been some of my favourite reads, and I’ve been known to enjoy the occasional mystery or romantic suspense novel, no matter how many times I tell myself I don’t like those genres.

Don’t Like Them

I can’t do rape in a book, and a book where someone falls in love with her rapist? That’s the quickest way to get me angry. I also won’t read books that are overly violent, involve anything awful against children (abduction, violence, sexual assault), or include torture or extreme cruelty. Horror is out for me, but I don’t include paranormal romance or urban fantasy in that, because while the can share similar elements, they’re really not the same.

I Have Always Loved Books

I’ve always loved reading, and have had my nose stuck in a book or Kindle for as long as I can remember. I may have started with The Lesbian Review because I told Sheena she should review a book and she asked me to do it myself, but I’ve kept doing it because I truly love it. Writing reviews allows me to give back to a genre that has given me so much joy by helping readers determine if a book is likely to be right for them or not. The site’s mandate of only reviewing books we love also makes writing every review a fun exercise, because I get to be a dork and gush about books I love a couple of times a week.

The added benefit is that it’s taken me out of the isolated experience of being one reader and put me in touch with other readers, reviewers, authors, and publishers, many of whom have become friends.

I Read A Lot

I read at least 10 books or book-length fanfics a month. However, looking at my shelves on Goodreads, I must be reading significantly more than that some months, because I tend to average more than 150 books a year, even if I don’t review that many.

I love reading, reviewing, and talking about lesbian fiction with other readers. Nothing makes me happier than when someone buys and reads a book based on one of my reviews and then comes back to talk to me about it.

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