Miranda Lynn

Miranda LynnMiranda is an avid reader and super fan of ice queen novels.

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This is what she says about herself:

Who I Am

I am an engineer who enjoys reading, podcasts, both kinds of football, and good food and drink. My wife, two children, and two small dogs patiently tolerate the time I spend on these other passions. My kids will tell you that I am good at fixing things and bad at telling jokes. I say practice makes perfect, and I try to always have a few “Dad jokes” up my sleeve. My perpetual to-do list includes traveling and working on my Spanish.

Books I Like

You can most often find me reading romance, but ultimately I just love a good story. My heart melts for “ice queens,” and I am all about a sports romance. British settings and second-chance storylines make my world brighter. I also enjoy literary fiction and historical non-fiction.

Books I Don’t Like

To each their own, but extreme violence and excessive profanity are a turn off for me.

Why I Review

What a wonderful time to read lesbian fiction! TLR introduced me to a number of great books, and I appreciate how each reviewer brings their own taste and personality to their reviews. I am so impressed with the work that Sheena and her fellow reviewers put into TLR, and I hope my contributions can help readers find their next fun read. Reviewing books encourages me to be a more analytical reader and has helped me discover things about myself in the process.

Average Number Of Books Read A Week

I typically read about one book per week.

As A Reviewer I Am…

finding my voice. As an engineer, I have very little non-technical writing experience. My goal is to write honest reviews with enough detail to give readers a flavor for the book with no spoilers. Writing reviews has made me appreciate talented authors all the more!

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