Lise MacTague

Lise MacTague is one our resident author / reviewers. She has several published books. Her reviews are some of my favourites because of how compellingly she dissects the stories.

You can find all of Lise MacTague’s reviews here

This is what she says about herself:

What I Do For A Living

By day, I’m a librarian who works in academia. I’ve worked in public libraries, and one of the things I enjoyed most was seeing new books as they came in and doing readers’ advisory.

By night, or sometimes by early morning, I write lesfic, mostly of the sci-fi variety. Perhaps you’ve read my books?

I’ve also worked selling video games, shoes, and renting movies. I’ve occasionally slung beer, and I spent a few seasons working at the Ohio Ren Faire when I was in art school. One day, I’d like to hang up the day job stuff and get to writing full time. When not working or writing, I hang out with my family and play ice hockey.

lise-faveWhat I Love To Read

First and foremost, I love sci-fi. If it has lesbians in it, even better! My definition of sci-fi is pretty open. It includes fantasy, paranormal/supernatural, horror, urban fantasy, magical realism, etc… If I find an author I love who writes things other than sci-fi, I’ll take a look at the rest of her stuff too. I occasionally stray off my narrow path into other genres, but it’s usually because there’s something that hooks me in. Even I don’t always know why I go wandering off, but there you have it.

What I Won’t Read

I stay away from contemporary romance for the most part. When I’m reading, I like something with high levels of adrenaline, so books that are all about relationship development aren’t my thing, but I won’t say no to good erotica (it’s a different kind of rush). I’m also not a fan of mysteries. And there go the two biggest areas of lesfic, but I’m happy to play around in what’s left.

There are a few things that drive me nuts stylistically. I have a hard time with books written in the first person, though that isn’t a complete deal-breaker for me. I absolutely will not read something written in second person. Oh, and books written in the present tense are very hard for me to get through. Finally, books where the point of view changes between characters in the same scene (head-hopping) make me crazy.

Reviewing is fun!

I never thought I’d say that! For me, the best part of a book is the next one. I started reviewing as a way to take a little more time with the books I read, to let them sink in more. I’m glad I did. I’ve been having a blast with reviews and letting you all know what a book means to me. Sheena is awesome for letting me hang out here. (She’s awesome for plenty of other reasons too!)

How Much I read

Not as much as I’d like. My days are pretty full, so I don’t get through more than two to three books a month anymore. Of those, I’m usually lucky if I can write a review for one. It’s one of the reasons I stick pretty closely to my preferred genres. When I don’t have a writing project I’m actively working on, I get more reading done, but that only happens a couple times a year.

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