Laney Webber

lanes webber - reviewer at the lesbian reviewLaney Webber is a lovely addition to the team. Her reviews are thoughtful and well planned. She is our resident librarian and author giving her a unique set of review skills.

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What she says about herself:


I’m a librarian and writer. Thinking about books, playing with books, reading books, writing books and writing about books are how I spend most of my days. I’ve worked in libraries for over fifteen years and in used bookstores before that. The best part of my job is recommending books for our library users. Connecting people with books is a bit like matchmaking

Books I Love

laney-favourite-booksI love a good story and I love to learn.  The table next to my chair at home is filled with romance, historical romance, historical fiction, general fiction, several cozy mysteries, one or two sci-fi books, and several science, memoir, and travel memoir. Did I say I have access to a LOT of books?
I love romance fiction that has all the elements I expect from a lesbian romance, but the author surprises me with the depth of the characters, or story element I don’t expect, or a setting that I can hear, smell, taste and see.

Books I don’t Like

I don’t read suspense, action or thriller. I used to read a lot in this genre when I was in my twenties. I don’t hate these books, but they’re no longer my cup of tea.

Why I Love Reviewing

When I decided to review lesfic I thought back to when I was coming out in the early and mid 1990s in rural New Hampshire. The internet was just off the ground, online shopping was just beginning. I didn’t know lesfic existed. When I would go to the big city of Portsmouth, NH, I noticed a rainbow flag on one of the side streets near the downtown. I walked by the street a few times. Then I walked down the street and past the doorway. There was a small sign in the window that read, “Artistic Amazon Bookstore.” It took several months for me to walk through the door of that small store, which was located on the first floor of a historic Portsmouth home. The owner was warm and welcoming – and butch and attractive (just a side note there). The store was tiny, two small rooms. But I spent hours in there. I bought Curious Wine by Katherine V. Forrest and Everything You Have is Mine, a mystery by Sandra Scoppetone. Those books helped change my life.
It is easier for most people to get information now using a computer. But many people won’t go into their public library or local bookstore and ask for lesfic recommendations. I am thrilled that I can share my thoughts about some lesfic books that you might like to read.

Me In Brief

Think of me as your personal librarian. Your lesfic matchmaker.