Kitty Reviewer at TLRKitty is an author and reviewer on her own blog. But I have always enjoyed how she reviews and so I asked if she wanted to expand her reviewing and join the team. She did and that makes me a happy little reviewer.

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This is what she says about herself:

Who I Am

I am a forty-something mum of three boys. I studied Modern History and Politics at University and worked in Social Services for the elderly until I had my kids. As two of them have autism I gave up work to care for them. I’ve always been a voracious reader, but when I got my first Kindle and discovered Lesfic my life changed. I wanted to share the books I loved with other women and found that I enjoyed reviewing. I’ve just finished another degree in English Language and Natural Sciences as lifelong learning is another passion of mine.

Books I Like

I love romance novels – especially those light on the angst. I’ve always read mysteries and was delighted to find that there are so many talented Lesfic authors writing them now. I’m also mad keen on sci-fi, dystopian, fantasy, paranormal and erotica.

Give me a book about vampires and werewolves and I’m happy.

Books I Don’t Like

I do not like books with abuse, rape, very depressing, negative storylines. I want to enjoy myself when reading and have no desire to wallow in the seedier side of life through books. Strong religious themes and horror are also a no-no for me.

Why I Review

I get so passionate about the books I read and just want to share with like-minded individuals. Finding the Lesfic community has been the most wonderful revelation. If I like a book, I want to shout it from the rooftops and reviewing has allowed me to do that.

Average Number Of Books Read A Week

I read between 10 and 15 books a month.

As A Reviewer I…

…love to share the books I find with other readers. I want to help others find something they will enjoy in the huge selection of Lesfic available. Engaging with others in this way is a joy.

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