K Aten

K Aten is arguably the fastest reader on The Lesbian Review. I once gave her a book that took me a week to read and she finished it in her lunch hour.

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This is what she says:

Who I Am

By day, I’m Kelly-san, an intrepid data jockey for a large auto manufacturer. I spend much of my time there coding in Visual Basic and Excel, running reports, and showing off my sweet bow ties. I love spreadsheets in all aspects of my life. (Some say I have a problem) By night I split my time randomly as K. Aten, newly-published author of a variety of genres, and Kelly.

Kelly is a partner and parental figure in a busy family composed of: a girlfriend (it’ll be 6 years this August, thanks for asking), her two wonderfully geeky boys (9 & 12), a needy dog named Jill, a needier cat named Maya, and a jerk of a cat called Clark (girlfriend’s cat). I’m also an experimental cook and number one homemade soup maker. I hold the title as chief driver, and jill-of-all-trades for most things broken. I’m a random amateur woodworker, assembly specialist, hobby artist and photographer, occasional poet, outfit genius for my girlfriend, and room designer/redecorator for the house. Oh, and I’m the sole tech-support for the fam.

I am data-driven, analytical, creative, and mostly positive. I think of myself as a delicate balance of chaotic and lawful good. We play a lot of games at our house, and overall have more game nights than movie nights. We are a family of Jeopardy watchers, and I have mad love for trivia games and karaoke.

I used to play rec league softball (for 20 yrs) and volleyball, but the knees forced retirement. I was on a bowling league for about 4 years with a high game of 239 (and a pin for the 600 club). Most recently I played roller derby for about 3 years between 2009 and 2012, winning best blocker stats for more than half our bouts in 2011. But destroyed knees ended that dream as well.

Books I Like

When it comes to novels, I think my reading taste was really established in my tweens when I found paper sacks full of sci-fi and fantasy novels in my mom’s closet. Decades later, after I discovered lesbian fiction, sci-fi and fantasy are still my main jam. But I also love a good urban fantasy, steampunk, or the occasional ‘other’ category. Despite those geek leanings, I do still like a well-written contemporary romance or comedy.

Books I Don’t Like

Things I don’t like in a book include sexual and emotional abuse/violence, cheating, lazily inserted angst, age gaps, pointless breakups, and unhappy endings. I’m also not typically a fan of mystery, horror, non-fiction, and historical fiction (unless it’s ancient history OR steampunk), but I’ve been known to make exceptions for most things.

Why I Review

I decided to start reviewing books for TLR for a few reasons. First I really want to give back to a community of authors and readers who have really embraced and supported me in my journey to becoming a published author. And, let’s be honest, Sheena has a way of pestering to get what she wants (in a nice way, aka “have a hug”). – Sheena just knows what’s good for you ;)

I also gotten to know and work with some great people as a reviewer, and the cherry on top of everything else is that I get to read quality fiction and help promote those authors whose works I really enjoy.

Reviews A Week

Read speed… hmm, this is a tough one. If I love a book, I can crank out a 300 page novel with review in 24 hours, despite my crazy schedule. (I have been known to read a book a day for a week straight…then I’ll have a headache for a week straight). If I really like it I’ll space it out over a few days.

Buuut (yes, there’s always a but), my time is extremely limited. My alter-ego as Kelly-san has me by the scruff about 50 hours a week with work plus commute. In addition my family keeps me busy with swimming, basketball, band & choir concerts, birthdays, dinners, dates, shopping, etc. And if that’s not enough, I’m also a published writer. The last couple years I was average 4 novels a year, then the editing schedule began and I’m failing that goal big time now. So, given all the information above, I’d say I can average a solid 4 novels a month with reviews. At least, that’s what I promised Sheena. Ha! 

As A Reviewer

I’m tough but fair, give me a good story and I’ll give you a good review. Give me a great story and I’ll follow your work forever.

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